Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toddler Time

It was our turn to host the toddler group for our MOMS club. Evie and I made orange -sour cream muffins and a fruit salad. We had lots of toddler and mommies at our house. It was so fun! Our kids got into everything. Evie is the only girl in this group but she can hold her own just fine. Sometimes I forget that she is the only girl until someone reminded me this morning. It does not bother her at all and it's pretty funny to see the little boys playing with her dolls and teapot. She kissed most everyone at our house even some of the moms. Evie loves kissing!

   Evie was a little lonely when everyone left before lunch. She grabbed my hand and wanted to play with me. I'll choose playing over cleaning the kitchen any day so off we went  to build towers and put the baby dolls down for their nap. She was worn out from her morning of fun and went right to sleep.

   Nap time was spent changing my phone number to a local number. It was so nice not to have to lug Evie to the Verizon store but it took more than a hour and then the phone did not even work. I had to call back to get it programmed. I sent out an email to everyone with my new number.

   Evie and I went to the park to play. She found another little friend to kiss and had fun going down the slide. We came home to play for a little bit and then headed back outside. Evie is happiest outside for sure.

    Evie was eating dinner when Carl got home. She said some of her new words for him. My favorite is she calls me Mommy now instead of Mama. I LOVE it!!! The novelty will wear off but it's just wonderful right now. Carl gave Evie a shower. Yes, she takes showers to save on time and thinks it's so much fun. AS soon as she walks in the bathroom, she points to the shower and says shower. It's still a two person job but it works out really well.  Evie has no fear of water and loves to sit on the floor of the shower arranging the bottles of shampoo.

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