Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shades for Supper

We had lots of errands to run this morning and we were literally sweating like pigs. Nice way to start the day. I had a return to make at Home Depot so I just carried Evie into the store. She was standing beside me so nicely and then she saw the row of sinks. Luckily, my transaction was finished because off she goes shouting "wa wa" and wanting to turn on the water in the sinks. Evie was extremely disappointed to learn that the sinks were not operational.

   We played all day with every toy she owns. It was a fun day but long. Carl went out with a friend so it was just me and Evie until a few minutes ago. I missed having some reinforcements come in at the arsenic hour. Evie kept busy reading while I prepared her dinner. She was so sweet at bedtime. It sure is nice to get so many hugs and kisses.

    I had a lot to get done after Evie went to bed. My table needed some TLC, homemade brownies needed to be baked for the weekend and our house was a disaster. Evie's toys were scattered throughout the house. She does a really great job of marking her territory.


  1. I love the first picture of her eating with her sunglasses on. I wish this heat would break soon. I think it is pointless to shower in the morning because 5 minutes outside and I need anoother one.

  2. Super cute glasses!!! And girl, my kids sure do mark their territory as well! ha! You had asked about the painting in my dining room right? I got it at World Market years ago. It's by an artist named Kim Parker. Here is more of her stuff.


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