Thursday, August 12, 2010

Made it to South Carolina!

Tennessee sure is far away from everyone! We left Nashville around 9:30 EDT and arrived around 5:00 EDT. That includes stopping for gas twice, a Chick fil A lunch and playtime at the rest stop. Evie did really well in the car. She read her books, played her flute, pointed out all the balls and ate lots of snacks. She She and Poppy were so happy to see Evie and Evie just made herself at home. She ran all over the place and had fun looking at the lake. Evie stands on the porch and points to the lake shouting pool over and over. That's close enough for me. We watched some of the video from the last few months and Evie went right to sleep. She only slept for an hour in the car so she was pretty wiped out by bedtime. I am pretty exhausted too. We are so excited to see our nieces tomorrow. Evie loves playing with the big girls! I did not get any pictures today since our day consisted of driving in the car. My blogging will be pretty sporadic because my computer does not agree with the wireless here so I am using Carl's laptop.

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