Monday, August 23, 2010

Breakfast with Friends

Evie and I have such a fantastic day! She's been extra sweet and so fun. We met some friends at Merridee's for breakfast. I was not too impressed with my sausage biscuit but Evie loved her banana bread. It was so good to see Carol and Cassidy after their extended trip to Houston. All the girls have grown so much. Cecilla was like a little mother to Cassidy and Sophia was just happy playing with her snack trap. Sophia and Evie both have the same owl bib that Sarah Denley sent to Evie.  We looked for that bib in every Target but could not locate it so SD saved the day. We had not seen Cassidy and Carol in two months. Evie loved being out with everyone and was perfectly content in her highchairfor 90 minutes. I let her down to see Cassidy and she promptly kissed her on the mouth. Pretty cute. Evie and I met another little girl who has an Ipop. We thought Evie was the only girl with an Ipop but apparently there are more Ipops out there. My Dad said he might start working on a patent on his name. Might be a good idea because we certainly do not want it to become overused.

    Evie and I did a little cleaning of the kitchen. It's amazing how much mess one little girl can make.Evie was so helpful scrubbing the baseboards just like Mama. She went right to sleep after all that hard work which gave me a chance to really scrub down the kitchen.

    After nap, we went outside to enjoy the gorgeous day.It felt so cool with the temperature  merely 90 degrees. We hung out in the hammock and shared a snack together. Evie ran and ran outside.

    Carl got home and we all went for a walk for the first time in a long time since it's been so hot. Our kitchen was so clean that Carl thought Evie should eat outside so now our patio is covered in macaroni and cheese but that's better than the kitchen floor.

  Hope the temperatures are dropping and you are having a chance to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

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  1. I love reading about your days!! 19 months is a lot of fun...and a lot of work:)!


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