Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy Day

Evie and I had a busy day! Our house is on the corner and it also happens to be the school bus stop which we love. It will be even more convenient when Evie goes to school. The kids play in the yard across the street while they wait for the bus and the parents stand in front of our house. Evie thinks this is just the best time of the day. She peeks under the blinds and jumps around to try to catch a glimpse of the big kids. She LOVES big kids and even tried to join a group of  Daisy Scouts that we saw at the park yesterday. I think she's still a little too young but she screamed when they screamed, ran over the bridge with them and even got some water out of the fountain. It's so funny to watch her try to interact with these kids and even more amusing to see how they interact with her. Some kids ignore her as best as they can and others want to play. Evie will be a Daisy before I know it!

We met Maura and Abby for breakfast at Mimi's and then walked around to a few stores. We had such a good time and it's so hard to believe that our days of us and two kids are coming to an end soon. Soon, Maura will have two tiny babies and Abby accompanying her everywhere.  Evie finally got some new pj's that she has desperately needed for some time.They were even on sale and are super cute too. Carl thinks they look way too big but I am sure they will shrink.

   Evie napped and I worked on painting the coffee table. Painting my kitchen table sparked some redecorating around here. Then, I did some meal planning for next week and tried to figure out a few things around the house. Naptime is either my most productive time of the day or my least productive depending on what tasks I decide to accomplish.

   Evie and Jacob slept through their park play date for the second day in a row. We decided to go in the morning since we know they will be awake then.

     My allergies are really bothering me which seems impossible but my throat sure is sore. Evie is not bothered by her allergies in the least but neither was I until about a year ago. We played outside and she pointed out the airplanes. Carl told me that the airplane fly over our house when the winds are coming from the north and sometimes they are far enough down that we can get a really good look at them. Evie really likes that a lot.

   Best news of the day is that I won a free pass to the Otter Creek Consignment sale and get in early before it opens to the public tomorrow. I am so excited since it's quite a streak of luck for me to win something. Cross your fingers that I find some good stuff tonight.


  1. Did you find some goodies last night?

  2. I love that you said, "nap time is either my most productive time of day or my least productive" my thoughts EXACTLY! some days i am unstoppable during nap time and others days....i waste every last second of it! :)


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