Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boiled Peanuts

Not too much happening around here today! We made a trip to Home Depot and took my car to get new brakes. Of course, they tried to sell us every other available service offered which always makes me so uncomfortable. Carl dealt with that today!

   Evie had her first taste of boiled peanuts and LOVED them. She was clamoring for more and so excited to try something new. We tried out her new bubble machine this afternoon. It kept her attention for about 5 minutes so it was a success.

    Evie took my entire cabinet of storage containers and placed them into her grocery cart. It was pretty cute so I did not mind too much. Boundaries are pretty blurred on what belongs where these days anyway.

    Carl and I just had a delicious dinner of shrimp and spinach pasta outside. I am about to go prime the table. Carl and I sanded it last night. It looks pretty good but we may have been such a tad over zealous with our sander but that will give us a more authentic look. Right?

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  1. Love the picture of Carl and Evie. Can't wait to see the finished table!


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