Thursday, August 5, 2010

Evie hits the polls

Evie and I decided to skip our morning walk in the park so we headed to the mall for our walk. It was so nice and cool. I was at least 50 years younger than the average mall walker. Evie had the market cornered on cute kids since she was the only kid. We'll go back soon!

    Our next stop was Pump it Up. We met Kristin and Jacob for some inflatable fun. Not much longer and our kiddos will not be free anymore. Evie likes Pump it Up more and more. She definitely recognized it from last week. Her favorite part was the water fountain which she indicated with a blood curdling scream for more water.

      Naptime came very easy since Evie was so tuckered out. I had planned to work on my kitchen table project but it did not seem to be the best time to use a power tool considering it was storming pretty badly. Evie woke up after two hours because the thunder was so loud. She has never woken up before from a storm but this was a really bad one.

       We had fun eating our snack on the kitchen counter since the table is in the garage. Something a little different is just the cure of the monotony of the week. We perched up there together while sharing our apple with peanut butter.

    It was primary day in Tennessee so we headed to the polls. Evie was the hit of election day. She pranced right in there like she knew just what to do and tried to cast my vote before I was ready. Evie made lots of friends and was soon plastered with "I Voted" stickers. Evie loved walking through the parking lot with an umbrella especially since it was pink. We braved the rain for an election that I basically had no clue about being new to the state. I did check out some information on-line regarding each candidate but basically left a bunch of people blank. It's never too early to teach Evie to be a responsible citizen and to make sure that her voice is heard.

       We headed to Harris Teeter to pick up our grociers and then came home to prepare dinner. Evie decided that she was a tad hungry so she poured an entire pint of blueberries onto the kitchen floor. She certainly is a busy bee! Evie loved her tacos for dinner and I skipped out for a hair appointment. The storm caused the temperature to drop dramactially.

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  1. "Something a little different is just the cure of the monotony of the week."

    I loved this---so hilarious and true! You have a cute sense of humor :)


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