Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Weekend

We had a fun weekend in the Foothills of South Carolina. Friday was spent taking Evie on her first boat ride, going to the pool and waiting for the cousins to get there. Evie enjoyed the boat for the first ten minutes or so then she was ready to change activities. She had fun at the pool and two little boys around her age. They were second children and were happily playing with their toys. Not Evie, she is up and down the stairs, in and out of the water and all over the place. She keeps us moving but naptime sure is a breeze.

   Evie was so excited to see her cousins Mary and Lucy. We went to eat the club to celebrate Tony's 70th birthday. Dinner was delicious! The girls had a grand time running around, going outside and eating dessert. We were the only ones in the gathering room so the girls could be a little more rambunctious. Evie was in heaven. Carl thinks it would be easier to have three girls than it is to just have Evie. I have a feeling the novelty would wear out if we saw them more but they just adore Evie. It's so sweet to see them all interacting together. Evie kisses them, copies them and they take care of her every need and desire. We all enjoyed watching the girls together.

      Kurt's friends came in late Friday late because we were only celebrating his birthday. Kurt turned 40 today and invited some friends for a golfing weekend. Carl plays golf to spend time with Kurt and his Dad but it's not his favorite activity. He played 18 holes and then came back after lunch. We took the girls to the pool. Evie was a lot more adventurous with her cousins in the pool. It's quite a challenge to keep my eyes on her since she is darting all over the place. Evie went down for her nap. I went with Lollie and Mary to get milkshakes at the Market. Lucy played on the porch with She She. We all decorated some cupcakes for Kurt's birthday. Mary and Lucy are so creative. It's so fun for me to get a glimpse of what our life will be like with Evie in a few years. It was pouring down rain all afternoon and we were planning to go to Turkey Ridge park for Kurt's birthday dinner. Lollie did a fantastic job getting everything together for the party. The skies cleared just in time and we headed to the park. Evie had a grand time running around, splashing in mud puddles and making smores. Hattie, the golden retriever, loved Evie since she dropped lots of yummy food. Sometimes, Evie would sneak a spoon of potato salad or ice cream to Hattie. It was so cute! Evie was exhausted from her weekend that she went right to sleep. Carl and Kurt took all the guys out on the boat.

   We woke up this morning had some breakfast, played a little and packed up for our long drive back to Tennessee. It was such a fun weekend and so special to celebrate two birthdays and a wedding anniversary all in one weekend. Evie had a fabulous weekend! Our trip back went well and Evie took a good nap. She was so happy to get out of the car and play outside with her Daddy. Happy Birthday, Tony and Kurt! Happy Anniversary, Sheila and Tony! We are so glad we were able to share in the celebration.

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  1. It looks like Evie really enjoyed her time with the big girls. Have a great week.


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