Friday, August 20, 2010


We finally made it to Friday after the longest week ever!  Evie and I went to Let it Shine with our Housewife Group. It was fun to see how much more Evie liked it today than she did in May. She jumped on the trampoline, played in the block pit, chased the huge balls and hung out at the water fountain. Of course, my child is at an indoor playground and she chooses to play in the water fountain. She loves the "wa wa" and was thoroughly entertained. Evie was so happy to see her friend Paige. They had a good time together. After Let it Shine, we went to Costco with Jacob and Kristin. The kiddos looked so cute sitting next to each other in the double cart. They did really well while I learned the ropes of shopping at Costco. Everything is so BIG but it's also a lot cheaper. You can get three times as much hummus for only a few extra dollars. We eat a lot of hummus around here so that's worth buying in bulk. I cannot wait to go scope it out some more! Evie discovered that Jacob has ears today. She was so fascinated by this so then they both starting looking at our ears. Evie then planted a few kisses on Jacob. We are going to have to work on being a little more reserved with our kissing. Kristin thought it was cute but some moms would not agree. Kissing is much better than hitting so it works for me.

    Evie was so wound up when we got home. It took a little work to get her down for her nap but she was out for more than three hours. Our new kitchen chairs arrived today so I spent naptime getting them out of the boxes and discarding the excessive packing materials.

   Evie and I went out to run a few errands including a trip to Harris Teeter. I saved 74% using coupons and buying VIC items. That's a lot for me! I am sure that money will promptly be spent on something else.

   Evie and I made a little house with the box from the chairs. We had a great time hanging out in the box with her baby dolls and Raffi. She thought it was so much fun so that will be a repeat on our agenda for tomorrow.

   We ate dinner and Evie had her first cup of chocolate pudding. It was a HUGE hit. Pudding was everywhere even between our toes. It is relatively cool here today so we headed outside for a bit. Notice that Evie took her purse just in case she needed her keys or lipstick while in the backyard. She is such a handful but she sure makes me laugh with her silly antics. It's almost a full moon and Evie was mesmerized by the moon. She thought it was a ball and kept pointing at it while shouting ball. I taught her the word moon tonight. Evie is such a little sponge soaking up everything she is exposed to. It's amazing to watch her change so quickly. She has defintely figurted out what she wants and works really hard to get it. Choosing books for bedtime is a process as she searches for just the one that she wants which is usually the same book that we read before bathtime. Evie has her favorites and that's what she wants to hear.

   Happy Friday to everyone!

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  1. I could eat her UP! She is just precious! We miss Costco!


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