Friday, August 27, 2010

Sassy Skirt

Evie and I had a fun morning at the park with Jacob and Kristin. It has been such a beautiful week. We love this weather and have been taking advantage of it. Evie found a little friend at the park and within minutes of meeting her tried to inspect her bellybutton and kiss her lips. What a funny girl!

We went to Sara's house for a Kelly's Kids home show. Evie picked out the giraffe romper. It's so adorable and will match her Raffi. Evie loved hanging out with the other kids there and had part of her lunch there. She ate a pb&j and some raisins. Evie almost never will eat a pb&j at home but had no problem scarfing it down this morning. Maybe she takes after her Daddy. Carl always says that his Aunt Anne made the best pb&j and he just loved eating lunch at her house in Charleston. Carl and I both had moms that always bought crunchy peanut butter. Now, we have smooth peanut butter in our pantry so Evie will grow up and think that crunchy peanut butter is the best.

Evie napped for 3.5 hours! I got so much done and had a chance for a little break. She woke up pretty cranky because she slept too long but she would have been cranky if I had gotten her up too. Evie loves her sleep and needs it in order to be in a pleasant mood.

Evie chose her own snack of chocolate pudding with a side of strawberries. That perked her right up but required a wardrobe change before we went to an outside shopping center to enjoy the weather. We came home and put our groceries away before going outside again. Evie would play outside all day if I let her. Doesn't she look so adorable in her skirt? I am not sure why but she's never had a skirt. She loves it because it has dots on it and of course in her world that means it is covered in balls.

Carl came home in time for a quick wagon ride before dinner and now he is mowing the grass. Evie is in bed and I am enjoying some quiet time. Happy Friday! We are so excited about the weekend. It's our first weekend with all three of us at home in three weeks.

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  1. Have a great weekend. I love her little skirt and excited to see the romper she picked out.


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