Monday, August 16, 2010

19 Months!

Dear Evie,

   Another month has passed and you just keep growing before our eyes! So much has changed in the last month, you are chattering up a storm and you learn a new word practically every day. Water is your new favorite and you say, "wa wa" and run from room to room showing me all the places that water comes from such as the bathtub, the faucet and even a glass. You still say the word pool all the time. Aunt Lollie caught on real quick that any body of water is a pool to you. That includes lakes, ponds, and puddles - they are all the same to you.

   You weigh about 25 pounds and still love to be held. That's okay, I have learned to do so much with just one hand because you will not want me to hold you forever. It's so funny because you run and play and do your thing- then you come running to find me and plop on my lap ready for some cuddle time. We are still getting lots of kisses from you complete with sound effects. Everyone thinks it's so cute and you just keep passing out the kisses.

      You sleep a lot because you are such a busy bee. Bedtime is around 7:00 and you wake up between 7:00 and 7:30. Daddy moved his alarm clock next to the bed which keeps you in dreamland for a lot longer. He misses seeing you in the morning but loves that you are getting so much sleep. Naptime is around 12:30 and you sleep for about 2.5 hours and sometimes more. Growing is hard work and you need lots of rest.

   You are always on the move. It's rare for you to sit still for more than a minute or two. You are always exploring and trying new things. Sometimes, I put you in your crib for some quiet time while I get things done around the house. You love hanging out in your crib reading and playing with your babydoll. We want you to enjoy being by yourself. It's an important skill to be able to entertain yourself and you are already quite good at it.

     You are still wearing size 4 diapers but I already have some size 5's in the house. It's about time to switch but it makes me sad because you are not really a baby anymore. You have outgrown lots of clothes lately and Mommy is having such a hard time finding some new ones for you. Fall clothes are already out even though it's still about a zillion degrees outside.

    You are a really good eater! Most of the food ends up in your mouth these days. Your favorites are apples, cheese, hummus and blueberry muffins. We think you might have a slight allergy to citric acid because your face gets really red when you eat things with citric acid. Don't worry it goes away really fast! We both really like snack time. You love to eat raisins out of little boxes. It makes you feel like a big girl and you carry it around the house so proudly.

    One of your favorite things to do is for me to chase you especially when it's time for a diaper change or if you have somehting you are not supposed to have like a cellphone.  You think it's so hysterical that it is so hard to be mad at you. Daddy does not think you ever do anything wrong.

   You also love to hang out in the shower. It's so cute to see you imitate washing your hair and cleaning your body. Belly buttons are still your favorite body part. You love to check out other people's belly buttons. Mary and Lucy thought that was really funny!

    You miss your Daddy while he is at work and run to the door when he comes home. He takes you outside to play while I prepare your dinner. I think it's his favorite time of the day.

    Traveling is really one of your best things. You love checking out the scenery, reading your books and catching a few winks. We try to keep you on schedule and you do just fine.

    We just got back from a fun trip to She She and Poppy's house. You had so much celebrating birthdays and seeing your cousins. You stayed up late, had lots of dessert and loved pointing at the lake.

     You are quite the social butterfly. We always have lots of places to go and people to see. It makes our days interesting. We love living in Nashville and have made lots of sweet friends. One day, we hope to live closer to our families in the Carolina's but we really do like it here.

   Evie, you are so precious to us and we thank God for you every day. You have made us so happy and given everyone around you so much joy. We love watching you change into a little girl and experiencing the world through your eyes. We try really hard to enjoy each phase because they sure do not last long. It's hard to believe you are 19 months old because it seems like you have always been a part of our family. We feel so forunate to have such a beautiful, sweet, spunky, loving little girl and are so proud to be your parents!

Love Always,

Mommy and Daddy

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