Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

Evie piling toys on her Ipop.

Nana and Ipop watching Evie on the baby monitor.

We have had a fun weekend with my parents. Evie slept until 8. Yesterday, we took our little cutie out to lunch at the Barbe-cutie! It was really good. Evie seemed to enjoy it  too and seems to be taking a break from her eating strike.

   My mom and I went out for a bit and I thought I found the perfect print for over our couch. We have a lot of birds and I found a picture of some geese. Well, Carl thought the Canadian geese did not go with our coastal birds so he is not so sure about that picture. I got a super deal and we will find another spot for this new piece. Maybe over the couch in the living room or over the bed in the guest room? Then we went to Giggles, a really cute children's store and then to Fresh Market. My mom is obsessed with the garlic expressions dressing and wanted to pick some up. She was surprised to hear that I spotted some in her local Lowe's Food.

      Evie must have known we were gone and took a short nap! We played with Evie the rest of the afternoon. Carl and I went on a date. Thanks to our fabulous babysitters! We went to The Patterson House in Nashville. It is a really cool "bar" that was decorated in the style of the 20's even the servers were in costume. Patterson House is named after Governor Patterson who wanted to repeal prohibition and the legislature did not so he used his veto power. He wanted each county to make this decision and not the state legislature. We were served a little history lesson along with our drinks. They served really fun drinks like sidecars, old fashioneds and things Carl had no clue about. Many of the drinks were overly unique for us but we both enjoyed our drink. Carl had a Dickel #12 with cedar smoked flavor served with coke. I had some lavender infused Pimm's drink that was very tasty. We had some homemade potato chips that were outstanding. The couple next to us had some cinnamon doughnuts which made me want some doughnuts. Carl was sweet enough to stop by the Krispy Kreme for some fresh hot doughnuts. We watched them come off the conveyor belt. There's not much better than a hot doughnut.

    We took Evie for a wagon ride this morning and then walked to the park. Evie played in her water table and with her new teapot. Ipop was really impressed because he asked Evie to bring him the elephant and she did it. They think she is the smartest baby of all time . . . that's what grandparents always think. Although, Carl and I think Evie is pretty spectacular too.

      Evie napped for a long time and I made some baked ziti for dinner. We went to get some ice cream. Evie had ice cream from ear to ear and even had a dollop on her elbow. I had red velvet which was really good but I still prefer almond joy.

       We took my parents to see Dolly Parton's house. Evie was ready to come home to play. We tried taking her outside for a bit but it was just too hot. It's hard to believe that today was the coolest it will be for more than a week. Evie and I are going to have to get real creative with some inside activities.

    We had dinner. Evie discovered that she really likes garlic bread and learned how to turn her sippy cup inside out so that the spout faces toward the milk. She has loved having her grandparents here. It's so funny to see her trying to get attention from everyone not that she has to try too  hard. She waved at her Nana during dinner and dropped her fork fifty times to see if Ipop would pick it up. Ipop told Evie that fork was a weapon. It pretty much is a weapon especially the way Evie throws it across the kitchen.

    Evie is going to be so sad tomorrow when it's just me here to keep her entertained.

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