Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Waffles Galore

Evie and I had a leisurely morning at home. We laid in bed reading books under the cover. It's amazing that she sits still for books so I just keep reading. Evie had a few minutes of quiet time in her room while I got ready for the day. She likes hanging out in her crib with all of her books and her music playing. It teaches her to entertain herself too.

   We went to Mary and Devin's house to celebrate National Waffle Day. It was so fun and we had so many toppings to choose from. They had every topping you can imagine! The kids and moms loved this activity. Evie had peaches and syrup. I had syrup and caramelized pineapple. YUMMY! We had a great time chatting with everyone and Evie loved all the new toys. It was so neat to go to this house because we actually looked at it last fall. Houses always look way different once there is furniture in there.

    Evie woke up on the wrong side of the crib from her nap. She was very clingy so we sat on the couch and cuddled together. Short naps make for LONG afternoons so we headed to Harris Teeter. I am so proud of myself because we spent $14 but saved $17. That's the best that I have ever done and that was just buying VIC. Coupons were not used at all. Melissa, you got me hooked on the deals.

   Evie played outside and then we went for a long walk to the park once Carl got home. We love this weather and are enjoying having the chance to be outside so much.


  1. Glad you are hooked on the deals! I am going to do a couponing 101 with some girlfriends soon. You will have to come!

  2. Ooh, a waffle playdate sounds like fun! How creative. :)


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