Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I use this blog as my journal in case you have not noticed. These are some things that I want to remember about my sweet girl!

    Evie loves her stroller and pushes it all over the house. She puts it in the bathtub, on the hearth, sometimes it even lands on the coffee table. Yesterday, she tried to carry it out the door when we were leaving for our walk. She settled with just bringing her baby doll. She also likes to empty out the kitchen cabinets so she will have new things to put in her grocery cart. I love to see her selections.

She puts lotion and soap on her little knees. It's so cute because she makes this little noise and points to her knees. Of course, she gets a little dab and then she rubs it in all by herself. It's amazing all of these things that she picks up by observation.

   Evie likes to play in the shower. She tries to squirt the shampoo into her hand and then "washes" her hair in the shower.

     She grabs every toothbrush in sight to brush her little chompers. I hope this becomes a habit!

   She finds old clothes that do not fit her and wants them on her that very minute. It's hysterical to see the combinations that she comes up with all on her own. Evie has very strong opinions about her clothing and already lets that be known. I put a dress on her this morning and it was too big. She flipped out when I took it off so that I could put another one on that fit.

    She carries her chairs all over the house and places them exactly where she wants them. Then, she carefully picks out a spot for each baby and puts the baby in the chair. She loves her baby dolls and is so gentle with them . . . most of the time.

   Evie is full of hugs and kisses. She makes the perfect sound to go with it! There's nothing better than feeling her little arms around my legs when I least expect it.

     Evie has to close every door that is open and shut off every light - this is something that will come in handy for us one day.

   She is quite particular about getting out of her crib. She likes to have the blinds opened, then she gathers up all her belongings and then she likes to be read a book. She points to her bows because she does not like to leave her room without a bow in her hair. Sometimes she even tries to put her own bow in her own hair.

   She loves Trader Joe's chocolate sandwich cookies and licks out the cream. It's not worth eating the cookie to her. Evie likes ice just like her Daddy. Goodness, I am going to have two ice crunchers on my hands.

   Evie just makes us so happy. Even the hard days and there are lots of them still make smile because she is such a special girl. I still sometimes cannot believe that she is my daughter!

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  1. I love that she's so sweet with her baby dolls! I really, really, really hope Molly likes to play with her baby dolls. I was trying to teach her to love on them today and she just tosses them aside...there's still time, right?!


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