Monday, August 9, 2010

Cooling Down at Ce Ce's

It's going to be another hot week! Carl is ready for fall. I am beginning to agree but we all know what comes after fall. Evie and I met Jacob and Kristin at the mall to walk this morning. It's so nice to get exercise while chatting with a friend in the AC. It doesn't get much better than that! Our kiddos did great and we had a chance to catch up. We treated ourselves to Chick fil A after our walk. Evie and I headed to the Home Depot for the third time in the last four days. Carl installed a new light on our back patio. He did such a good job that now it'd be nice to have one on our side entrance. We needed some silicone and some more sandpaper. Our kitchen table is looking pretty good so far. I just finished sanding it again and will paint the first coat tonight. It will be so nice to get the table back in the house!

   Evie is snoozing so I decided to start my blog post. Carl and I are trying to cut down on our screen time a little so we can enjoy each other more. So my blog posts will be probably be written throughout the day instead of at night.

  Evie and I went to Sweet CeCe's for frozen yogurt with my Brentwood MOMS club this afternoon. It was the perfect place to spend a hot afternoon. Lots of choices! Evie and I shared a ginger lemonade sorbet with preppy colored sprinkles and it was quite refreshing although a tad too much ginger for me. Evie had fun playing with CeCe as you can see from the picture. CeCe thought it was really fun that she shared a name with the yogurt shop. One mom, not in our group, brought her kids to the store in their wagon. Guess who really wanted to get inside the wagon! I felt so bad for her but the other mother did not offer to let Evie sit in it for a minute. That's part of life but I made a mental note to offer a seat in Evie's wagon to other children if they are interested.

     Evie's new swim sweater arrived in the mail today. I am hoping this will help me out in the pool with her so I do not have to hold her all the time. She will be able to float and I will stay really close to her to make sure that she is okay. Evie was so happy to see her Daddy. He took her for a wagon ride in her very own wagon and then we ate dinner together. It was pretty funny because since our kitchen table is in the garage; we sat at Evie's little table. Evie thought that was pretty hysterical. Our dining room is not quite ready for Evie!

   Carl put Evie to sleep while I put the first coat of paint on the table. Lots of DIY Blogger suggested that I use Behr Ultra Premium paint and the coverage was fabulous. I will do a few more coats since there will be a lot of wear and tear on the table with Miss Evie.

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