Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in the groove

Evie and I are slowly adjusting to being back home. It's always hard to get back in the swing of things with all of our junk from traveling sitting in our kitchen. We tend to travel about once a month and have perfected the art of taking the least amount of stuff possible. Evie and I came back with no clean clothes which is a pretty major accomplishment. We used to over pack but I got tired of putting it all away.  Most of the stuff has been put away and our kitchen table is now back inside. It looks pretty good and sure was cheaper than buying a new table. I ordered some new chairs last night and will post pictures once it's complete.

    Evie and I met some friends for breakfast. We had a delicious breakfast and fun with friends. Evie kept passing Jacob raisins. She loves to share her food and is her little way of showing love. Jacob was pretty impressed with the raisins so we gave him his own box. Evie and I ran into Kohl's to see if they had any summer clothes left. Everyone kept telling me how great the clothes are but I was not able to find anything for Evie. I better find something quick or she's not going to have anything to wear at the rate that she is growing.

   Evie napped and I did too! We stayed home this afternoon and played. Evie hurt her knee over the weekend and she fell again which broke the scab. There was a lot of blood and involved wardrobe changes for both of us. She was not happy about her "boo boo" and kept pointing at it while saying "boo boo" sadly. Carl felt so bad for her  and gave her lots of extra TLC. She has a band aid on her knee and thinks that is pretty cool. 

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