Friday, August 6, 2010

Picture Panic

Evie and I met Maura and Abby at USA Baby this morning so Maura could pick up a few things for her twin babies that are due soon. I love baby stuff so it might have helped me to be surrounded by all that stuff again. Evie liked it too because they had tons of cribs set up and Evie loves cribs. Maura was checking out and had to load the car so I kept the girls. Goodness, having two little ones would be tough especially two that are only four months apart. One crazy lady asked me if they were twins. That really cracked me up for some reason.

   Goofballs is next door and it's another free destination for children under the age of 2. Evie's entertainment budget is going to have to go up considerably when she turns 2. They had a lot of playgroup equipment, bouncy stuff and arcade type games. Evie and Abby loved the little car. Evie thought the stairs were really fun too. I need to work with her more on going down our stairs. She can do it but does not like to hold on to anything which makes me a little nervous so I tend to carry her down.That's getting harder every day as Evie is growing so quickly.

   Our tummies were getting hungry so we took the girls to Garcia's for lunch. I love Mexican and could eat it everyday. Evie seems to agree since we just had tacos last night at home but was perfectly content it again. Our girls did fabulous at lunch! I was so proud of both of them.

   We made it home in time for Evie's nap and I caught up on my ironing. I had so much to do so it took a really long time. Evie had her 18 month pictures tonight and we barely made it there. It's still so hard for us to get out of the house. Here's some examples of just a few things that happened while we were preparing to leave: Our neighbor is at the door while Evie is in the bath then she calls asking me to come over for some cookies - not a problem normally but that was not the best timing. Evie decides to smear hummus in her freshly washed hair then the hummus causes her face to turn red all around her mouth. Carl got in a bunch of traffic coming home, Evie spilled an entire container of bronzer on the floor and I definitely lost my cool since our bathroom has carpet in it. My guess is that whoever built my house did not have young children or he would not have put carpet in a bathroom especially not the master. That's another project on our list of things to do to our house. Then, we get into more traffic while driving to the photo shoot in the 100 degree heat. Evie decides that she would rather swing than pose but the swing was so dirty. Not a good combination with a white bubble suit. Anyway, Evie perked up when she saw the huge dollhouse and I am pretty confident that Stephanie got some great shots of Miss Priss. Evie had a tea party, played with a makeup booth (apparently she is into makeup these days - I have not told her that makeup will not be touching her beautiful face for many many moons), sat in a little white chair and ran all over the beautiful backyard. All three of us had a sense of relief when that was over. Our photographer was pouring sweat and had to call in her husband for reinforcement. We were warned that 18 months is a really hard age to capture! I have a feeling that we will not remember the craziness of the process but instead will remember Evie at this precious age full of energy and excitement for the world around her. That's what I am hoping for anyway! By the way, the redness on Evie's face disappeared in time for her photo shoot and the chocolate chip cookies were at our side door when we got home. Homemade cookies were the perfect ending to our family adventure!

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  1. We just did our 12 month portraits. I was sweating inside and Avery isn't even walking. I hoped 18 months would go a little better. I know your pictures will be great. I love thinking that Avery will be at this fun (and busy) age around Christmas.


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