Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh Deer!

We have had another crazy day at the Nest!  Evie is just full of herself this week and into everything!

  We started our day with our morning walk to the park but today it was not an ordinary walk. A huge buck ran out right in front of us - it was the closest that I have ever been to a deer before and hopefully as close as I will ever get. Not sure if Evie even noticed since she was busy munching on her blueberries. Thank goodness, she did not try to share with the deer. He was more scared of us than we were of him but it was still pretty crazy!

  Next, we headed to meet some friends at The Frisky Berry except they were closed for the week "due to unforeseen circumstances" which is highly annoying after driving 20 minutes for a toasted nut latte but that's just a part of supporting a local business. We decided to head over to the new German coffee shop for a little snack. It was fine but a little too authentic for me considering some of the menu was in German. Evie and I split a pretzel croissant which was pretty good. It fun to meet Leah since she is only two months older than Evie. It gave me a little taste of what life may be like in a few months. Leah sat in the stroller watching a video on her mom's I-phone. Not sure that Evie will be doing that since that's a little too tame for her. She'd rather climb on the table, scope out the bakery case  and practice using the trash can with items that are not really considered trash.

    Lunchtime was a bit of a disaster with bags of goldfish being thrown across the room, each pice of her lunch was ever so delicately thrown on the floor with appropriate sound effects but the best part of lunchtime is that nap time is next on the agenda. She had worn herself out so much that she slept for over 3 hours. Shhh, don't tell but I took a little nap too before attempting my daily chores.

      Evie woke up a little grouchy but got excited when I told her that we were headed to a pool party. She found her bathing suit and brought me her hair bands. That kid is pretty smart! All was fine until we get to the pool and Evie is just convinced that she can swim like the big kids. We are at a challenging stage because she is too big for the baby float but she does not want me to hold her either. We were in and out of the pool, eating snacks, walking around, checking on the other kids and crying (her not me) because she wanted to swim away from me! It's pretty funny looking back but trust me that it was not funny at the time.

   Her little eye is just so red and inflamed so I am hoping that was the problem! Otherwise, we will be taking a break from pool parties for a few weeks. Thank goodness Daddy came home which gave me a little time to prepare Evie's dinner and our dinner. Let's hope for a better day tomorrow!

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  1. She sounds so busy like my nephew Logan. The thing that saved us this summer was he has a swimsuit that pulls on over his swim trunks and has a full intertube inside. It is great beacause he can be independent yet still stay afloat. He jumps in the pool by himself and comes right back up. I am going to do a pool post next week so it will have some pictures. You might be able to get on at a really good price since it is the end of the season. I would say worth every penny.


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