Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back in the saddle!

Thank you for all of your sweet words of encouragement to me! Evie and I had a much better day. She was up a lot last night beginning around 9 but settled down before I went to bed. Carl heard her again beginning at 4 so we think she is growing her canines. Let's hope that was the problem!

   Evie went to school this morning and was so excited when we pulled up. She kept saying "play" and "school" but her excitement for school was diminished when I dropped her off in the classroom. Her tears began immediately and she reached right for Ms. Lori since she seemed to know that I was on my way out. I kissed her and told her that I would be back real soon. Guess who was fine two seconds later! She sure knows how to turn on the tears. Evie was so excited to see me when I came to pick her up. Levi was standing in the gate and Evie barged right over to say "Mommy." That's music to my ears.

 Evie napped for a really long time which gave me a chance to mop the kitchen floor that is always dirty and fold the laundry that continues to grow in huge piles. After nap, I tried to take Evie to get her hair cut but there was a two hour wait. Needless to say, we will go another time. It has been an absolutely beautiful day! Evie and I went to the park and she made a little friend. She patted him, held his hand and even gave him a kiss. That girl is something else! She had so much fun and said "HI" to every single person she came across. We went down the slide 11 times . . . yes, I counted. Evie took a turn in the swings and ran over the suspension bridge. We had a great time!

   Carl was home when we got back. He took Evie for a run and I heated up some Cincinnati chili courtesy of my dinner swap. It was so yummy! Evie threw her bowl across the room but we gave it right back to her (what was left in the bowl, anyway) and she seemed to like it too.

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  1. Maybe you dreamed about Big Ben b/c of all the pictures I've put up of him this week...ridiculous amount! It's hard not to take so many pics when I know he's my last!!! Have a good week...Sara


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