Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bring me joy!

Evie slept late this morning which was great but then we were a little late to MMO. Not a big deal but I think I'd be a different teacher now that I am a mom. Things happen and it's so hard to get anywhere on time. Evie had a little reflux this morning which involved a wardrobe switch which proves to be difficult since it's still so hot around here. Our clothing choices are dwindling quickly as she has grown out of so much of her summer stuff. Temperatures should be falling soon and then it will be too cold. My idea of perfect weather is about 75 degrees with lots of sunshine.  

  Evie was so excited when I pulled in the parking lot for her school this morning. She was chanting school, school and wanted to carry her backpack inside herself. Works for me. Levi was having a bit of trouble when we walked in but he hopped right down from Ms. Lori's lap to see Evie. They just started chattering away to each other so happy to see each other. Drop-off without tears are the best!

   I had a nice morning while Evie was at MMO. Starbucks was calling my name and it was so pleasant to sit still and enjoy my toffee nut latte without any interruptions. I even had a chance to read the paper. After my leisurely coffee break, I had two quick errands and then came home to clean house. Exciting stuff! It's so much easier to get things done without my little helper. It was so quiet in the house and such a treat to have my whole house to myself. All of the moms with young children can relate! Evie was delighted to see me and left the picnic in a hurry to see me. Her class was having a Cheerio picnic on the floor since they had an early snack. She said, "Bye, bye Mama" and was ready to go home.

   Evie was worn out and slept until 4:00 which allowed me to be more productive than I have been in weeks. I even had time to sneak in a little time on the couch watching crazy TV shows. I deserved it after working for more than three days on my teaching license. It's almost time to renew which is a little more difficult when I am not in the classroom. I have spent more hours than necessary searching for a course to take, getting it approved with the NC Department of Instruction and  explaining my current situation to multiple people and confirming the decision my previous school district. Thank goodness, I do not have to worry about renewing for another 5 years.

    We headed outside after nap. Millicent came over for a few minutes to play with Evie but had to leave because her dog was bleeding. They always have so much going on with 4 kids, two dogs and the grandparents were in town. It makes our life seem really calm. One day, we will be in the midst of the chaos too but I am enjoying this time now. Evie had on her St. Patrick's Day necklace and was investigating the Easter eggs that her Daddy had hidden for her with jellybeans inside of them. Millicent noticed the irony of the situation that Evie was celebrating two holidays that are not in September. It was so funny!

   Evie was so sad to see Millicent go so we got to work cleaning out her water table. She had so much fun playing with the hose. Carl got home and we ran around the yard a little. Evie loves piggy back rides and spinning in circles so it can count as our workout too.

   Evie is so much fun! She brings us so much joy and laughter. What a blessing! Evie is in the shower and I need to get busy making some shrimp and grits for dinner. It's almost the weekend. Hope you have something to look forward to doing!


  1. Enjoy your time alone in the house! I think it is a must for moms. I have to renew my license by next summer and need to get busy getting it done.

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    Evie is gorgeous. I love, love the name. Is her full name Evie or does she have a longer name and just goes by Evie?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. i totally agree....getting libbi dressed is so hard right now! it is still in the 90's here and most of her summer stuff is either too little or just feels too "summery" for the end of sept. but all her fall stuff is too warm - ugh! i am READY for cooler temps. love evie's shamrock necklace :)

  4. I think clothing is a problem for everyone is the southern states right now! It's hard when you know that this is the only season they'll wear it so it's not like buying something for yourself that you can wear next year. We have plenty of Fall stuff, but it's all too hot to wear right now!

    Also, I've been trying to figure out what to do about my continuing education credits. UGH. It is so hard to find stuff when you're not teaching. Peyton can do all his CE's on the computer, but all I can find is actual classes. I'm toying with the idea of taking 6 hours of graduate classes that would count towards my masters if I decided to do it. So unsure, though.


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