Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tough Day!

Really good days are usually followed by really tough days! We have had one tough day at The Niemeyer Nest. Evie has cried and whined all day! She woke up really early which started the day off on the wrong foot. I am not at my best at 6AM which is funny because it used to be my best time of day back when I taught school.

    We read some books and made cinnamon toast. Evie was just not happy at all and she kindly let me know that she was not happy. Too bad that she cannot tell me what her problem is so that I could help her out a little.

   We met some friends at a local cupcake store to decorate cupcakes and that did not go so well either. She wanted a cupcake at right that very moment! They finally were ready for us and then she wanted more than her share. It was fun but crazy!  I am pretty sure they were glad to see us leave with all of our toddlers. We did enjoy some yummy cupcakes!

   Evie was very happy on the way home and chattered all the way. We played outside and she took her nap. She woke up on the wrong side of the crib and just could not be appeased. We went back outside and she wanted her baby to participate in everything. Baby had to swing, ride in the wagon and take a turn on her riding toy. Evie was so mad that baby would not sit up. It was so comical because she was just getting so annoyed with her baby. She finally settled on walking around the yard with her baby and cupcake purse, tossing her baby in the air over and over. That amused her for a good long while.

   Carl had a dinner meeting again! So we met some friends for an early dinner at Chick fil A. Evie loves chicken so it seemed like a great idea. Well, not so much because she kept saying "play, play" because she saw the play area which is naturally way more fun than eating dinner. Oh goodness, it was a disaster for what felt like an eternity but she finally settled down enough to eat her dinner. We let the kids play and Evie ran around a bunch trying to kiss a little boy that we did not even know. Oh dear!

    Carl was here when we got home so she got to see her Daddy for a few minutes before he left for his work dinner. Evie jumped in a mud puddle and had so much fun which works for me. Clothes can always be washed but then she was mad because she was dirty. Evie does not like to be dirty at all! She gets that from me. I carried her kicking and screaming into the house to take off her clothes. My patience was GONE at this point! Thank goodness she is so cute because she sure can drive me crazy!!!!Tomorrow has to be a better day - it's a school day after all.


  1. I feel your pain! We Had a fussy/grumpy day here times two. Aubrey and Jude tag teamed on the fussiness! Ha! I think my patience was gone before lunch :/ Hope tomorrow is much better for you :)

  2. Sigh.....we have those days, too. It always seems like Libbi chooses the days that we are either a) super busy; b) I'm super tired (ha!); or c)jeffrey s out of town/working late to be out of sorts. :)
    Too funny about evie getting annoyed with her baby for not doing what she wanted - didn't you just want to say, "SEE!!! Now you know how I feel!" ;0)

  3. I love her jumper and the pouty face! Hope today is much better than yesterday!

  4. It must have been in the air...we had a rough day too!


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