Friday, September 10, 2010

Party at our house

Evie woke up early today since her Daddy was home! That's one thing that I like about Carl being gone is that Evie sleeps so much later but of course I'd rather have him here.

   Evie and I played this morning and then made some muffins. I turned my back to put the milk back in the fridge and guess who pulled the muffins off the counter. What a mess!  Maura saved the day when she brought yummy doughnuts.

   Evie and Abby had fun playing. It's so funny to see the things that Evie tries with her friends. She's really into pulling us along, taking our hand to show us things etc. It was not so funny to see Evie pulling Abby around by her dress this morning. Evie sat in a pile of black ants outside so I stripped her down to avoid too many bites. She had her new outfit on from her Nana and Ipop for about 30 minutes before it was covered in chocolate doughnut and black ants. Maybe those ants wanted to sample the delicious doughnut too.

   Evie crashed after our morning at home. I did absolutely nothing! We headed out for a few errands after naptime and had time for a few books before Carl came home.

  He took Evie outside and I noticed that there were two other boys out there with them. I headed outside to see what was going on and then the four kids from next door showed up. It was W.I.L.D.! They were swinging, hanging out on the hammock and chasing each other all over the place. Evie thought this was just great. Carl thought one of the kids was hysterical because he told us that he is taking human growth hormone. I'm a shorty too but could see why he needed it. I told the boys that it was time to go home and they asked if they could come back tomorrow. Hope we have not started something! One of them asked me if we had the same number as the people who lived here before us. Evie is going to enjoy all of these BIG kids so much!


  1. We have a little neighborhood boy who rings our doorbell all. the. time. David doesn't mind at all, but I think it's kind of annoying -- especially when he rings it 15 times like he did today and wakes my baby up. :/ I'm trying to be sweet to him though. Ha!

  2. It sounds like you all had a fun day!! Enjoy the neighborhood children!


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