Thursday, November 12, 2009

20 boxes down, 200 to go!

We are beginning to make a dent in the mound of boxes at our new house. Moving was much easier before Evie. She is having fun but it's hard to keep an eye on her and open boxes. I have caught her sitting on a few boxes opening drawers in the kitchen. She really seems to like bread drawer. We have already noticed a few things that are missing but the biggest is our Charleston battery bench. Carl told the representive that we were missing it and she thought it was a workout bench! He said 95% of the country probably does not know what it is to make her feel a little better. I sure hope they find it! My crockpot is missing too and that is an essential to cooking with a baby.

We went to the condo to clean this morning. Evie was not happy to see the big bad vacuum. It makes her so nervous. Even puffs did not make it better. Finally, I got everything clean. It's a little harder to vacuum with an 18 pound bundle of joy balanced on your hip.

Kindermusik was really fun today. Evie was so happy to see all of the children. She crawled over to several moms and put her hands on their knees to stand up. Then she bent down to get in the face of the baby. It was so cute. Evie is quite partial to little boys. She really likes Jacob because he has a headfull of hair just like Evie.

Evie was exhausted and ready for her nap. I ran around like a crazy woman while she slept. We went to Harris Teeter to get a few groceries for the weekend. Evie did great because she was chewing on a piece of bread from the bakery. Carl was here when we got home so Evie helped him rake some leaves. It's really cute to watch her stand up in the pile of leaves.

We finally met one of the little girls next door. Carl has seen her checking us out from the window a few times. Today, we met Grace and she really liked Evie. We saw her two sisters playing in the driveway. They have two dogs and four children. I cannot even imagine! We think they have springer spaniels but their hair is cut short so they look a little different than the springers we know. Evie was talking up a storm to the dogs. They have an invisible fence so Evie can get pretty close to them.

Evie had fun swinging on her swingset this afternoon too but her Daddy thinks it is dangerous. It is pretty rotten maybe we can add that project to our long list of projects to tackle.

We went to Chile Burito for dinner because we had way too much to do to cook dinner. We should have gone out for Japanese since Evie seems to be speaking that language. She knows exactly what her words mean but we have no idea. Evie enjoyed dinner but does not like riding in the car in the dark. She had chicken, lettuce, tortilla chips, tomato and cheese. It was like a mini taco salad! I took a Nutrigrain bar with us and she dropped it on the floor after she had a few bites so we decided to try Mexican.

Evie is not interested in going to bed so it may be awhile before we get anything done. Carl's parents are coming tomorrow afternoon. We look forward to their help and showing them around our new town! My camera is charging so I hope to have some pictures soon.

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