Thursday, November 5, 2009

A doe, A deer, 5 deer here!

Evie was a sleepy girl this morning. I had to wake her up for Kindermusik. Our class was at 11:30 and she was still sleeping at 11. We loved our class. It was so much fun and exactly what we have been looking for interaction with other children in a structured enviroment. Evie loved the scarfs, the musical instruments and the dancing. I was really impressed with the teacher. Ms. Marie used to be a music teacher in a public school before she became a mom. There were about 8 babies in the class and all the moms seemed to know each other. They were all so friendly to me and made me feel welcome. I am already looking forward to our next class.

Evie woke up late from her afternoon nap so we were a lot later going to the grocery store than I had planned. Evie likes to make her own plans. Carl was here when we got back. We went to Crockett Park for a walk and headed to our new neighborhood. There were 5 deer frolicking in the meadow between our neighborhood and the park. We thought that was so neat. Evie liked the deer too. You pass a pasture of cows on the way to our house. Evie is going to be surrounded by nature. Even though there are deer and cows, we are still less than 10 minutes to Target and Publix. That's the way I like it!

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