Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home from the Holiday!

We were sad to leave everyone this morning. It was a very nice Thanksgiving! Evie and Mary are just too cute together. Lucy is at such a fun age. She will be four in December and that is one of the most magical ages. Every age has something special. I love the curiosity of a four year old with the streak of independence.

Evie did great on the trip back! She fell asleep as we were getting on I-85 and she slept until we were in Atlanta. We stopped for lunch at my favorite: Bojangles. They are really hard to find in TN so now we always want it. Evie had a plain biscuit and green beans. She thought it was yummy too but seriously who does not like biscuits! She fussed a little after lunch but then she slept for 90 minutes or so. I took a nap too. Sleep works miracles and I feel SO much better. It took us about 6 hours and 15 minutes that includes the time we stopped for lunch. We took HWY 11 to I-85 to 285 and then got on I-75 to I-24. Much easier than going through the mountains. We learned that the GPS does not always provide the most direct route because it kept suggesting country roads. I would feel comfortable driving Evie myself this way too because I could spend the night in Atlanta with Kurt and Lollie or our friends Mike and Alicia. That would make it very manageable. I also think it helped that Evie did not nap before we left so she slept WAY more than she did on Wednesday when we left at 11. Evie has traveled about 20,000 miles in her life and we have learned so much about traveling with a baby!

We are glad to be back at home. Evie was excited to see her toys and she played in her room for 20 minutes without needing me. I kept peeking in to make sure that she was okay. She loves to pull her Raffi out of her crib so I put him a few times so she could get it. Carl mowed the grass and it looks so nice. Evie and I went outside a few times to check on Carl. She does not like the blower at all! I think it reminded her of the vacuum cleaner. We had so much fun playing with Evie. She is standing on her own more and more. It's so cute.

We fed Evie a lot tonight so maybe she will sleep. My Dad had a good point that it's hard to sleep with someone else in the room. Maybe Evie is like me and needs a dark, quiet room to get her sleep. I was certainly not prepared for the lack of sleep and think that is the most difficult part of being a mom. Sweet dreams everyone! I am off to sleepyland.

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  1. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! That photo of Evie in the top right of your blog is AMAZING! She is quite photogenic. Love that quote too by the way.

    :) Bri


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