Monday, November 23, 2009

Banana Bundles!

It was a rainy, cold day in Nashville. I have a feeling it's going to be one long winter. Carl told me that the average low here is 25 and the average high is 44 for January. That might have been a good conversation to have before we moved here from sunny, warm North Carolina.

Evie and I ran a few errands this morning. We needed bananas and butter. I carried Evie since we just had a little bit to get and the store was packed! She was so excited to help me pick out the bananas. Evie has a bit of a fascination with bananas. I picked some out and she helped me carry them through the store. It must have been a sight to see this. Usually, she cries when she sees bananas because she wants to eat one right then.
We went to Gymboree. Evie was happy to see her friends. Annie's mom told me that Evie reminded her of a Teradactyl. I am not so sure that was a compliment coming from a pediatric surgeon. Evie gets so excited to see her friends, the balls and all the cool things so she makes a LOT of noise.

Evie was not interested in napping again but finally she went to sleep. I took a little nap too. All of this moving and being up at all hours with my little teething Teradactyl are starting to take it's toll on me.

The previous owner came to get her mail and she told me that some of the little girls had told her they had met Evie. They all really like her but it's hard to play outside in the rain. Maybe we will have a nice day soon.

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