Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sleepless Sunday!

Are you noticing the theme of my blog? Evie either sleeps a lot or none. She did better last night and took a great nap this morning. Ipop and Nana had so much fun playing with her. Evie really liked when my Dad went outside the door and played with her through the glass. She thought that was really fun. Evie gets so much attention from all of her grandparents and she is so sad when they leave.

I was so sad when my parents left. We really wish that we lived closer to our family and friends. Tennessee is so far from everything! We just hung out at the house most of the day. Evie and I stayed in our pj's until 3:00. It was so wonderful to be in our house getting a few projects done. Carl hung a few pictures and I organized a few things. Evie crawled through our legs, checked out the toliet and played with the air vent. She was not interested in taking a nap at all! I really hope this does not become a habit! Naptime is when I get everything done around the house.

We went to Home Depot and Target since Evie was not napping. She did pretty good but had a total meltdown when we got home. Evie went to bed at 6:15. She needs her sleep or her mood is not sweet.

Best news of the day: Carl parked my car in the garage. It's a little harder to get the car in a side load garage because you cannot drive in straight. I will get the hang of it. We also got a new camera! My battery died on the other one and it will not charge. Our collection of cameras is getting bigger. My Canon Rebel still has not arrived - we needed a camera to document our life with Evie. I PROMISE there will be pictures tomorrow.

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  1. she sounds just like caroline...i didn't sleep for the first 11 months of her life. it will get better i promise!!!!!!


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