Friday, November 13, 2009

We're making progress . . .

Evie and I went to playgroup this morning at Amanda's house. Evie was so excited to see her friends Cassidy and Logan. It's so cute to see the babies playing. They are really getting interested in each other. I love to see them reaching for each other and watching each other.

Evie's grandparents arrived this afternoon! We are so glad they came to help us unpack. Tony, Evie's Poppy, worked in the garage compressing the boxes and throwing away the paper. It was a big help. Sheila, unpacked the dining room boxes. I worked in the bedroom and got a lot done. Carl took his new lawnmower for a spin. It really picked up the leaves. Our yard looks so much better. We have so much to do but we are looking there.

Evie took a great nap and then I took her outside to play. We met a few little girls from our street. I think Evie is going to LOVE these girls! Grace, the triplet, that I met yesterday was so excited to see us this afternoon. Evie likes to swing but it makes me nervous. She needs a new baby swing. Maybe I will try to find her one at a consignment sale.

We went to Puffy Muffin to get some cookies and to the Fresh Market to get Sheila some tea. We just had a delicious dinner and now I am trying to motivate myself to go unpack a few more boxes before bed. Happy Friday!

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