Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sleep Strike Saturday!

Evie was up a lot again but she woke up in great spirits. She LOVES the mornings just like her Momma. We got a lot done during her long morning nap. All of the boxes are gone from the garage. There's just a few boxes in the attic that Carl will get to when he needs something. I think we have found everything but the legs to one of our tables. Not sure that is going to show up because it probably got thrown away with all the paper.

My Dad and Carl did some projects around the house. There are a LOT of projects to do but we are beginning to feel more settled. We went to Judge Beans Barbecue for lunch. I had heard really good things about it. They had Beef Brisket instead of pork - that's the kind of barbecue that I am used to eating. I had a cheeseburger but everyone else tried the brisket. It was good but not my favorite place in town. Puckett's is probably my favorite. We will have to go there next time.

We went for a drive to show my parents the town. Evie was so tired but she did great. However, we missed her sleeping window so she did not nap this afternoon. I think she did pretty good considering she was working on limited sleep. We headed to Target to get a few baby essentials. Evie met a little dog that was being carried around in a purse. She was so cute! I bought Evie a mango slushie and fed her spoonfuls on the way home.
My Dad loves the dogs that live next door, Jack and Lucy. They are so sweet! It's fun to see them everytime we go in and out of our house. They are only 6 months old. They love to play and even tried newspaper for breakfast.

Evie tried tuna for dinner. She seemed to like it but she prefers banana. Ipop got her some popsicles for dessert. She liked this kind and took a few bites with her new tooth. Evie went right to sleep tonight. I think she was totally worn out - maybe just maybe she will sleep tonight.

Carl grilled us some chicken for dinner. It was so yummy. It feels so nice to be in our house!

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