Saturday, November 7, 2009

Light of our life is Evie!

Evie slept all night last night for the first time since April! We had such a great day. Evie and I really look forward to weekends because we get lots of quality time with Carl. We headed to the Franklin Farmer's Market this morning. There were all kinds of wonderful things for sale: quiche, fruits/veggies, cheese, meat, clothing and handmade products. I bought a delicious pecan-cinnamon muffin. We went in The Factory and I showed Carl the Frisky Berry. There was a long line and Evie does not wait patiently in lines. Neither do her parents. We bought Evie a winter coat and looked around a few stores. It was another sunny, warm day. We are getting used to this weather.

Carl and I needed flu-shots so we went to Minute Clinic. Evie still has not had one. I hope her doctor gets some in soon. Then we went to the Harris Teeter to get a few things. We found an easy way to get from HT to our new house. That's exciting because I LOVE the Teeter although Nashville is Publix crazy. There are so many more Publix stores than anything else. We are less than 4 miles from Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, Harris Teeter and Fresh Market. Grocery shopping is fun to me for some reason and I will have plenty of choice on where to shop.

Carl and I were shocked to see several neighborhoods already decked out with Christmas lights and garland. It's pretty but maybe a tad early. Evie likes all of the Christmas stuff in the stores. She is such a sweet baby. I think this is my favorite stage with her because she is so happy and learns something new everyday. She makes all kinds of cute attempts at talking and throws a few familiar sounds in every once in awhile. She explores everything and does not sit still for longer than a minute. Well, there is one exception - she does sit still while she eats.

We made spaghetti for supper and are planning a pretty low-key evening. Carl will probably watch some football and I will pack some boxes. I am not exactly sure how we accumulated so much stuff here in such a short period of time especially since the place came furnished. We have to be out of here on Friday. It's going to be one busy week!

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