Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Today was good, today was fun, tomorrow is another one." Dr. Seuss

Evie and I had such a great day. Each day she gets more personality. It's so much fun to be her Mommy! She was so happy this morning when I took her in our room to feed her. She started craning her neck for her Daddy and waving. Evie did not see him but she saw a stack of pillows on his side of the bed. She started laughing because she thought he was hiding from her. Daddy was not back yet.

Evie decided to do a little reading this morning about the College of Charleston. She sweeps everything off the coffee table and chose the CofC magazine as her reading material. I could not resist a picture of our little scholar. It's never too early to think about college. Carl and I both LOVED College of Charleston. It was the perfect place to go to school. Every single day I was so thankful to my parents for sending me there. It was a fabulous experience for me. Check out the campus if you are ever in Charleston.

Evie and I went to run a few errands this morning. I needed to pick up a few things at the store and decided that Evie might like some dried fruit. We were at the Fresh Market and the lady asked me if I'd like Evie to try it. She was in heaven and cried for more after she finished her first piece. We sampled mango and pear. YUMMY! The lady said Evie must have known she was a Nana since Evie kept smiling at her. Maybe or it could have been the lady was passing out sweet, delicious fruit to my baby. Evie does not turn down food very often. She takes after me.

My brother sent me a gift card for my birthday so I could get a case for my new camera. Gift cards are always fun to receive. Carl bought me a camera for my birthday. Yesterday, I saw an advertisement for photography classes at The Factory. Evie makes a great subject and does not mind the constant flash.

We met Carol and Cassidy for dinner. It's so nice to have something fun to look forward to while Carl is gone. Cassidy had her shots yesterday so she slept right through dinner. Evie did not sleep through dinner. She kept taking lettuce from my salad and throwing her cup on the floor. In case you are wondering, Evie really likes lettuce.

Evie has a new trick. She loves to play hide and seek around corners. I put her down and then I go hide from her while saying,"Where is Mommy?" - she crawls for me and laughs hysterically when she finds me. She was really sweet when I put her to bed tonight. I put her down in her crib and told her night-night and she waved at me. It doesn't get any sweeter than that. Evie is such a delight - what did I do before she was born. She's going to be so excited in the morning when a certain tall,handsome man is back from his trip. Can't wait for Evie to see her Daddy!


  1. Isn't being a mom the best? :)

  2. Evie is precious and it's been fun reading your blog! She's lukcy to have such a sweet Mama!

  3. Oh yes we have a little C of C theta on our hands! Love it! Shes prec~


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