Friday, November 20, 2009

Nana and Ipop came to town!

Evie was UP all night long! I felt like she was a newborn again. She was NOT happy. Finally, at 3:00, I gave her some Mylicon and she slept until 7. I will try that sooner the next time. Evie has been growing a tooth so I thought she was just in pain. Guess it was another kind of pain. HA!

She took her morning nap and when she woke up her grandparents were here. What a lucky girl! Two weeks in a row -she has had her grandparents here. My parents were happy to see Evie and she was happy to see them. We showed my parents are new house, played outside a little and had some lunch. Then Evie went down for her nap. I spray-painted a few lamps to update them a little while Evie was sleeping. It is amazing the difference a little spraypaint can make to things. They look brandnew. Cheap and easy. Wish it was that easy to fix a kitchen floor and countertops. I had a man come out to talk to me about redoing my kitchen and he said that I could not use the kitchen at all for 3-7 days. AHHH! That would be really tough with a baby. I guess the highchair would have to be parked in the gargage for a few days.

Evie finally woke up 2.5 hours later. I guess staying up all night exhausted her. We took a little drive around our new town to show my parents. Carl was here when we got back. It's Friday so that means pizza night! YUMMY! We had dinner early tonight so Evie ate with us. She was in a great mood until right before bed. Maybe tonight will be a better night for her. I hope so because being up all night is not fun.

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