Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a day!

Evie has been a bit cranky the past two days. I think that tooth must really be bothering her. She was up at least 6 times last night and had no interest in eating or getting her pacifier. She finally settled down around 3 and slept until about 7. Guess which Mommy took a nap this morning while Evie was napping. I was exhausted! Today was trash day, I could not remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday. Everyone has a different company that takes care of their trash so I could not just look outside to see. I called our trash company and they said it was today. YIKES! Our garage is filled with empty boxes. However, they were kind enough to come get everything - that is great service. The gargage looked better for a few hours but I have already filled it up again.

Evie is feeling quite comfortable in her new house. She is opening and closing the toliet, trying to crawl up the stairs and pull everything down that she can get in her little hands. It's a lot of work to keep up with her these days. We went to the grocery store this morning and came home to eat lunch. Evie thought my turkey sandwich was much more interesting than her peas and bread. She made up for her cranky morning with a nice long nap. I got so much done while she was sleeping. I am down to just a few boxes but still have lots to put away. There is so much storage in this house so I need to get organized so I will be able to find things when needed.

Evie is growing so fast. Her 6-12 months clothes are starting to get a little small so we went to get her a few things. I treated myself to a Lemon Dream Supreme cupcake at Gigi's. Evie and I unpacked a few boxes upstairs. She had fun playing inside a box and has decided that down comforters are really fun.

Evie tried tortellini for dinner. She really liked it. I gave her a popsicle to ease the pain of her teething. She was not so sure about it. We tried lime and strawberry. Neither were a hit. Maybe the cold is too much for her. Carl is out of town this week at the Grove Park Inn and I am ready for him to get back! He won an award for his presentation today. I am so proud of him! He works really hard to take care of me and Evie so I can stay home to watch Evie grow. Well, I need to get back to my boxes!

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  1. Evy got the memo to have a rough night too. Ha!

    We love the Grove Park Inn! It's so pretty!


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