Sunday, November 8, 2009

If at first you don't succeed - try, try again!

Everything is harder with a baby even church! Carl was getting ready this morning and noticed that he did not have any shoes. So, he decided to wear his New Balance shoes with his khaki pants and Vineyard Vines shirt. Nice look! I told him that it really did not matter since once you have a baby - nobody looks at you anyway. We cannot wait to have all of our stuff back especially our shoes.

Evie does really great when you drop her off in the nursery but gears up within 10 minutes of our departure. Our beeper went off as soon as the sermon started so I headed down the hall to check on her. I went past this lady who said, "That must be your baby in the nursery. She is really upset."

Evie was hysterical and would not take her pacifier or eat her snack so they thought they should beep us. As soon as I picked her up, she stopped crying. The high-school nursery girls told me they thought that was so cool that Evie's mood changed instantly. I took her back in the church with me but that did not last long so we walked around a bit. Then once she had settled down, I took her back in the nursery. Right before Communion, I went back to get her and she was very upset again. She was so happy to see me and we went in the Sanctuary to finish the service. We will keep trying. One day she will decide she likes the nursery. Evie missed her morning nap which was a LARGE part of her problem but she was overtired when we got home. She finally slept for about 30 minutes much shorter than her usual 2 hours.

We decided to go to Germantown but it was not what we expected at all. Not really worth the trip but it was fun to ride around downtown Nashville. We decided to head to Hendersonville. It's on the lake and it reminds us of Lake Norman. We went to a park with a remote control airplane park , frisbee golf and walking trails by the lake. It was a really beautiful day! Hendersonville is about 40 minutes away so this gave Evie a chance to snooze a little on the way back. She needed it.

We picked up my car. Carl says it looks like a tractor because I had to get two new tires. Nice housewarming present! It's always something but that is life. I drove the truck back but Carl says it drives better.

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon. Our weekends are going to be pretty crazy the rest of the year with moving into our new home, guests and the holidays. Best news of the day, the sellers of our new home want to sell us their riding lawnmower. It's a John Deere so Carl is on Cloud 9. We do not know the details yet but Carl remembers liking it a lot so let's hope we can negotiate a good deal for everyone. Carl is so excited about his new yard. Hope his excitement continues once he has mowed it a few times. Hope you had a great weekend. We sure did!

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  1. My sister in law Jennifer is from Hendersonville. It's so pretty!


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