Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Drive!

Evie woke up with a fever. It was 101.8 so I called the nurse triage line at Vanderbilt. I thought it was teething until Carl searched online. Google said the fever was too high to be teething but Google was wrong about this! You can see her little tooth coming in more each day. She has been pretty sleepy but not cranky.

We drove Carl's parents around Nashville to show them the sites! It was another beautiful day to explore our new city. We showed them Broadway and Belle Meade. Then we went to City Cafe for lunch. They have the best fried chicken in town. Evie had green beans again. I had some delicious coca-cola cake. Evie even took a little snooze so she must have been exhausted.

We came home and let Evie swing a little. She crawled around in the backyard and looked at the dogs. We decided that our neighbors have Brittany Spaniels. They are so cute!

I have opened all the boxes in our room and put away everything. Most rooms are somewhat together. Carl's parents have been so helpful. Tony really gets Carl in gear. HA! Sheila opened a bunch of boxes so all I need to do is put everything away. We are so glad they came to help us and see our house. My parents come next weekend so everyone will have a chance to see us but they really just want to see Evie.

We went for a little walk at Crockett this afternoon. Carl and his mom went to the Fresh Market to get a few things for their trip back tomorrow. Evie had fun playing with her Poppy while they were gone.

Evie went right to bed tonight. She was a sleepy girl. Tomorrow will be another busy day.

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