Monday, February 21, 2011

20 Weeks - Halfway There

I have been slacking on my weekly updates for Baby Boy! We are so excited to meet him but are just a tad busy with his sweet, precocious older sister. I cannot believe that we are halfway to meeting our little boy. July seemed like a really long way off back in November when we found out Baby Boy was on the way but now it seems like it's really quite soon.

Baby Size: Our baby is the size of a banana. He's is about 10 inches long and he weighs 10 ozs.
Total Weight Gain: 8 pounds but that number is growing quickly!
Maternity Clothes: Yes, maternity jeans are so amazing that I may just wear them after the baby is born. I tend to wear maternity clothes so that I do not stretch out my good stuff - well, perhaps I should call it my non-maternity stuff.  I learned that lesson the hard way while pregnant with Evie. My favorite cute black dress was stretchy and fun so I decided it would be perfect to wear while pregnant. Well, now it is all stretched out and ready to wear as a maternity which works nicely while pregnant.
Gender: It's a BOY! We are still shocked and cannot believe that we are having a baby boy. Carl and I both saw ourselves with two girls but are so excited to have one of each. We get lots of feedback from everyone even the random grocery bagger regarding the gender of our baby. Sweet things such as that we will be the quintessential American family  to not so sweet things like then this can be your last baby! We are pretty sure this will be our last baby but you just never know!
Movement: Baby Boy moves a lot at night just like his sister but not so much during the day. Although, I am so busy chasing after our Tennessee Tornado that I may not even notice his delicate little kicks except when in bed at night.
Sleep: I LOVE my sleep and it's still going pretty well for the most part. I have noticed some difficulty getting back to sleep once I wake up for a bathroom break or to move Carl to his side of the bed. He thinks this is the perfect time to invest in a King size bed so we are on the look-out for a good deal.
What I Miss: Pregnancy is really fairly easy for me. Don't hate me because I had a pretty rough recovery with Evie. We all get our due at some point either while trying to conceive, being pregnant, delivery or recovery.  If I have to pin something down to miss then perhaps it's sushi. I suddenly have a desire for sushi which I eat about three times a year. So far, I have not had any sushi but I am guessing that the Japanese do not give up sushi while pregnant. My philosophy is everything in moderation!
Cravings: I love to eat and pregnancy does not change that one bit. Carl has noticed me eating my salad these days rather than just picking at it. Salad cravings do not sound that fun though so let's go with ice-cream. I have been eating more ice-cream than usual especially Ben and Jerry's Halfbaked.
Symptoms: Shortness of breath especially when carrying Evie and a bag of groceries. My sweet girl loves to be held so it's worth it to lose my breath a little to have a chance to snuggle my Evie.
Best Moment: My nesting instinct has arrived! That is my favorite part of pregnancy and I plan to take full advantage of it because I learned the last time that not much gets done with organizing or little projects those first few crazy years months of motherhood. New mothers tend to think they are going to get so much done while their baby sleeps but guess what you are either sleeping, cleaning bottles or trying to decide if it's really worth it to take a shower that day. Nesting makes my closets look better than they have in months and my cabinets are clean and orderly for the first time since we moved in our house. My little list of projects is growing and time is getting shorter. I wish this instinct could last forever!


  1. Love this! The pregnancy excitement is contagious (perhaps a little too much). I only wish the nesting was contagious as well. I have to agree with you that the week after delivery was the worst part for me.

  2. You could not look more beautiful!!

  3. You look amazing, Jennifer! But then again you always do! Love the silhouette of Evie in the background. I can't wait to do one for Lindsey when she gets a bit older!

  4. Cannot believe you are halfway! You look great:) So cool that you're doing the pregnancy updates, I wish I had done something like that! It will be so fun to look back on:)

  5. You are so beautiful!!! I just love this post!

  6. You do look amazing! :) I love the nesting instinct. That was my fave. I had a fairly easy pregnancy, too, but the recovery was awful - you are so right that everyone has *something*.

  7. When we found out Jude was a boy, we got the "well now you can be done" comment all the time. Or people would say, "Oh, good" like they were relieved for us. Haha. People are funny.


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