Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Video monitors are the best because I knew to have my camera ready when I walked in on Saturday.

Playing memory with Daddy is a lot different than playing it with Mommy.

Where's the pink beads? That's the only color that really matters to Evie.

Our weekend was very low-key. Carl has been exhausted and a bit under the weather so we just hung out at home a lot.  We went to a birthday party on Saturday morning. It was fun to get out for a bit and Carl loves to see Evie interact with other kids. She was so excited that Aly had a tent too. Aly has a brother so she has lots of trains, tents and every kind of ball you can imagine. Evie was thrilled to have some cake but only wanted to eat the pink bites.

   Evie crashed at naptime after a morning of playing so hard. We enjoyed dinner at home and put Evie to bed after working on her colors and playing Bird Memory. Carl and I both were in bed by 8:00 ready to catch up on some sleep.

Evie singing Jesus Loves Me!

Evie's favorite part is to point to "me."

She is really impressed with herself these days!
   We woke up early and headed to 8:30 church. That makes such a difference in your day when you get going a little earlier and it's a lot easier when you go to bed super early the night before.. Evie was talking to us about the "mean teachers" on the way to church. She was fine after a few minutes and came in to church with us for communion.

   We stopped at Bruegger's for breakfast and had some delicious bagels. Evie loves going out to eat and does a pretty good job most of the time. Our definition of going out to eat has changed drastically if Bruegger's is counted as going out to eat.

  We came home to change clothes. Evie obviously picked out her own dress since it's a little early in the season for sleeveless. We had some playtime with Evie. She loves to "write" with her pen and play with her new beach ball that she got at the party. Evie also decided to role-play communion with us at home. She had it down pat! Carl decided to go get checked out since he was feeling pretty badly. I stayed home with Evie and we had fun cutting out coupons and playing in the kitchen.

   She was not so interested in naptime until I told her that she was indeed going to take a nap in my Mommy voice reserved for special occasions. I was relieved when she fell asleep because I knew Carl needed to rest and I had a few errands to run.

   Nothing like waiting until the last minute but I needed to get Evie a Valentine. I found her a few cute things and got us a special breakfast for in the morning.

Evie pretending to walk like the ladies that were pumping their arms. She thought that was HYSTERICAL!

Running like the wind!

The wind was really impacting her hair-do and she needed her bow fixed after this shot!
     It was a gorgeous day so Evie and I headed to the park after her nap. Carl took a nap and joined us when we got back. Evie loves to look at pictures of herself from when she was a baby so we looked at baby pictures and ate all the yummy food that our chef prepared for us in her kitchen.

   Nothing too exciting but it was a nice weekend! We are looking forward to seeing our baby again tomorrow at our gender ultrasound! Do you think it's still a boy?


  1. I can only imagine what a hoot evie must be.....i am always laughing at the stories you tell about her- i bet she is quite the little entertainer :)
    i'm still thinking boy for your ultrasound tomorrow....but can't wait to hear either way (even though i'll be incredibly jealous once you start decorating a nursery and buying cute outfits!) ;)

  2. Well, it does look like Evie is quite content in her crib! I completely understood what you were saying about the cribs, and my plan is exactly the same. Avery will be contained in the crib as long as it contains her. Good luck tomorrow!


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