Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Songs and Stories

Evie and I went to Whole Foods to see The Zinghopper's. We love the Zinghopper's! Evie had a blast singing and dancing with Conductor Jack. I picked out some pecan panko chicken for dinner and it was delicious. Very budget friendly at only $5 for two pieces. It made a perfect dinner with a salad and potato.

Our next stop was story time at the library. Evie did great and had fun doing her craft although I had to accompany her to the glue basket. Apparently, she did not feel comfortable walking the ten steps away from me by herself. She did a terrific job making her elephant. I am more of a free art kind of person but these type of projects are good for following directions and working on fine motor skills. Evie is very proud that her elephant is displayed on our fridge.

Evie is still pretty tired from being sick. I went to get her after her nap and said, "No, thanks. Bye-bye." She just enjoyed hanging out in her crib. She asked for some books and something to drink but was perfectly happy in her crib for nearly an hour. That's not a normal day around here but it sure was nice.

She finally decided that she was ready to get out of the crib. We had fun playing with her shopping cart and changing the sheets. Carl got home in time to watch her new Elmo DVD from the library. They had fun playing kitchen with her cupcakes and cookies. It's pretty cute to see Carl playing with Evie.


  1. I'm sure Carl and Evie whip up some delicious cupcakes and cookies in her pink kitchen! The Pecan Panko Chicken sounds amazing!

  2. "No, thanks. Bye-bye." That's classic! I love it. Molly doesn't always want to get out her crib, either and I agree - it's nice sometimes. Not so much on days when we've got to go somewhere!


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