Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Magic

Evie has been a real toddler today! She's told me "no" hundreds of time and has had so much fun testing limits. It's all normal stuff but it's so funny to hear her so adamant about different things such as the color of her cup or which chair I sit in for breakfast. Of course, there are plenty of wonderful moments in our day and we had a fun day together . . . we always do!

Evie had school this morning and she was telling me that she was going " see the kids at school" as we drove to her school. She's right there are plenty of kids to see at school! Evie went right in her classroom ready for a morning of fun.

I had a dentist appointment so she had way more fun than me. Evie had scratch-marks all over her face when I picked her up. Her teachers asked me if we had a cat. I told them no but that would be the perfect explanation for her face. They had no idea what happened to her sweet little face. I am sure it will be much better in the morning. Her nails are short but she may have had a sharp one earlier in the day.

She woke up ready to play with her babies. Evie loves "covers" these days and like to cover her babies up. She did a fantastic job entertaining herself with her baby dolls while I straightened the upstairs a bit.

We ordered a crib and mattress and it arrived this afternoon. Carl brought it upstairs so I guess it's really happening - we are having another baby. Evie will be getting the new crib because it turns into a daybed and Baby Boy will get Evie's crib because it matches the changing table. Let's hope Evie stays in her crib for a long time! She's a fabulous sleeper and a bed may change that at least temporarily.

Carl bought Evie some Lincoln Logs. He had as much fun as she did. They looked so cute building a house together. Playtime is quite enjoyable for us too!

I had a haircut tonight and am happy to see my new girl is excellent! Let's just hope she does not decide to go sell haircare products like the last one.  It's almost the weekend which always makes me happy!


  1. Even through the challenging times it is so worth it to be their mommies! Evie is such a doll!

  2. I hate when I have to change stylists...luckily it doesn't happen too often. Glad the new one is good! A haircut always makes me feel great, even if I was feeling pretty good to begin with. ;)


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