Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day!

We had a wonderful Valentine's day! Evie was excited to see three pink and red balloons along with special doughnuts waiting for her at breakfast. We read some books and for some reason I read "Love You Forever" to her. I used to cry reading it to my students and I had never read it to Evie. Well, it made me teary reading it to my sweet little Valentine. Carl is reading it to her right now and she is saying, "Don't cry Mommy."

Evie took her balloons everywhere with her this morning. I have never seen $3 make her so happy. It really is the simple things with children that make them feel so special.

  We ran a few errands including registration at a preschool. Evie got in but not the days we were hoping for so we will wait and see what happens but of course I am just thrilled to know that she has a spot!

   Evie and I had a picnic lunch outside. Warm weather increases Evie's appetite because she took her turkey sandwich inside her house and ate it right up. We had fun playing outside in the beautiful sunshine before Evie took a nap at 11:30. We were up with her last night because she threw up again from coughing so hard. I am taking her to the doctor in the morning since it has happened twice.

   I had to wake her up at 2:00 to go the doctor. She was so excited to see Carl and wanted to surprise him. We had a great appointment and received confirmation that our little baby is indeed a little boy. Our ultrasound tech said that he must have really wanted us to know that he was a boy since he kept showing off for us. Carl and I are thrilled that we will have one of each and are so excited to welcome another baby to our family.

   We took Evie to the park because she had lots of energy to burn after sitting at the doctor's office for so long.  She loved having her Daddy home this afternoon and his sinus infection has cleared up so he is feeling much better. We delivered cake balls to a few of our neighbors when we got home.

   Evie was excited to open her Valentine present from us. She had been talking about it all day and somehow decided that "Ho Ho" had brought it to her. I made sure we got credit for this one. Evie got a red Volkswagen car because she LOVES cars and was so thrilled to have her very own. She played with it for nearly thirty minutes. We also got her some new lacing beads in animal shapes and a pink necklace. Evie had to strip down to her diaper to try on her necklace.

   Carl got some major husband points because he surprised me with a new lens for my camera. I LOVE it and cannot wait to see what new things I can do with my camera. I bought him two new shirts so not nearly as exciting.

  It's time to get dinner ready for my Valentine. Hope you had a happy heart day! 


  1. You look SO CUTE!!! love that baby belly! :)
    so glad to know baby boy is healthy and still a boy ;)
    i'm so jealous of all your vday fun....jeffrey and libbi BOTH had the stomach bug today so no fun valentine plans for us :(
    i'll just live vicariously through you! :)

  2. Yay for blue on a day of pink! You are looking wonderful! I am hoping to get my master's in library science at some point. I would have the same school schedule but none of the testing pressure. After working over an hour on one assigment tonight, though, I'm rethinking. Please share what type of lens you got. I got a fixed lens for Christmas but would like at least one more zoom.

  3. What a storybook Valentine's Day! So sweet-- you Niemeyer's know how to celebrate a holiday!! Your pictures are fantastic:)

  4. You're looking great, Jennifer! Love your baby bump!

  5. You look so great, Jennifer!! Love your sweet baby boy bump. Sounds like the Niemeyers had a fantastic valentine's day!

  6. Having one of each is awesome! Congratulations!

  7. Oh, new camera equipment is so exciting! I'm finally taking a photography class so I can learn more about my fancy DSLR. It's kind of intimidating! Jim loves it and is a master, but for some reason I don't listen to him when he tells me about it.

    You look adorable, Jennifer! Lovin' that baby belly. :)

    So glad you guys had a great Valentine's Day!


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