Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Evie and I had a good day on Friday! We learned something new - Costco will take anything back that you do not like! That makes me feel so much more comfortable about purchasing items in bulk since I am guaranteed not to be stuck with 100 meatballs that we will not eat! Our next stop was Brilliant Sky for story time and messy art. Evie was so sweet laying in my lap listening to Harold and the Purple Crayon. After the book, the kids had a chance to explore  chalk with liquid starch. The starch makes the chalk appear brighter which reminded me that I used to know that. Evie thought it was so much fun!

We were so excited when Daddy got home and our weekend began. I cannot remember much of Friday night since it was so long ago but I know we made turkey burgers for dinner.

  Evie slept until almost 9 on Saturday! It was so nice to have a chance to sleep so late. We took Evie to the Farmer's Market for doughnuts and she has been talking about them ever since. They have the BEST old fashioned cinnamon doughnuts at the Franklin Farmer's Market.They are called Olde World Doughnuts and they are simply divine.  Evie plopped right down in front of the duo playing the guitar and enjoyed her doughnut. We should have known then that she must not be feeling well because she was too calm all day even after all the sugar! We stopped at Home Depot to pick up a few supplies for some upcoming projects. Evie was so quiet and still - it was nice but so out of her character. After nap, she sat on my lap for two hours and was not feeling good. Carl thinks her antibiotics caught up to her but she went to bed fine.

Evie woke up on the wrong side of the crib and was a mess! Nothing made her happy. She did not like that the petals fell off the tulips or that the muffins had blueberries in them. Her nose was still running but other than that she seemed okay. We decided to walk over to the park to see if that would perk her up. Evie wanted to go to the playground or as she calls it "the castle." She was thrilled to see "her boys" there too so we had a fun morning playing with our friends. Evie came home ate lunch and crashed an hour earlier than usual. That made us feel better about her behavior, she must have been tired because she woke up quite jubilant from her nap and ready for the next thing on the agenda. Evie wants to do everything "againt" that's her version of again. We hear her say it all day and it's so cute because she just loves anything that is a little bit different. 

  We played outside and enjoyed the gorgeous weather! Evie likes to play with our umbrella but she calls it a "brella." All that running around must have caused Evie to work up an appetite because she actually ate her dinner which she almost never does anymore.  Evie and I took a bubble bath and then Carl put her to bed. Weekends go by too quickly but we are enjoying being together in our house! I think this is the longest we have stayed in town since right after she was born. Hope you had a terrific weekend and that your week gets off to a great start!


  1. That is a wonderful picture of Evie and Carl! Are you using your new lens? Your indoor light is wonderful. Please share any tips your have.

  2. Love the pictures, they are fantastic!!

  3. I thought the same thing as Whitney - your pictures are looking great!! What lens are you using?


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