Sunday, February 27, 2011

Elmo, Double Dates and Babies!

We took Evie to see Elmo at a local toy store yesterday. Elmo was making an appearance to celebrate his birthday. Evie was not impressed with him although she talked about him all the way there and for the rest of the day yesterday. I am pretty sure that she did not expect him to be quite so large. Evie might have liked the experience a whole lot more if they had some cake since it was supposed to be a birthday party.

Carl took Evie to the park which was a huge help while I stayed home to clean house. Of course, I'd rather be at the park but we spent nap time sitting outside in the sunshine which meant everything needed to be spiffed up a bit. It's good for Carl to have a chance to be with Evie alone and I must say it was quite wonderful to be in my house for an hour alone even if I was steaming the floors.

The highlight of our weekend was a double date with Courtney and Christian to Wild Ginger. It was so much fun and we cannot wait to do it again soon. I was a little hesitant when the babysitter arrived because she looked so young but Evie was already in her crib. Paige, our favorite sitter, has a little sister who wants to learn about babysitting so I am letting her practice on Evie. Just kidding, Paige was right across the street with the boys and Evie was fine with Shelby. I was a little nervous until I got the text that Evie was asleep. Courtney and I were laughing because we both babysat while in middle school but it's a lot different when it's my little girl.

We came home from dinner and our baby monitor was not working. That was not the best news but we needed a new monitor for baby boy anyway. We headed out to Babies R Us and they were not overly enthusiastic about helping us so we came home to do a little research. Evie had a blast checking out all the baby gear and wanted everything in pink. She comes by that honestly which is why we need a few things this time around. Pink blankets, sleepers and bottles may not be his first choice but then again everyone keeps telling us that second children are more laid-back.

I found a baby monitor that other moms raved about online at Costco so I headed out to get it during nap time. Carl and I love it! We can talk to Evie while she is in her room on the intercom and she gets really spooked out. That will be great when she tries to do crazy things. We tested it out during time out this afternoon. It was pretty funny to see her reaction to hearing her Daddy's voice but not seeing his face.

Weekends go by too fast! Hope you had a good one.


  1. I babysat all the time when I was younger and now wonder how those mothers did it. We have yet to leave Avery with someone other than family but plan on trying this summer so that I can supervise some playtime first. Glad you had a fun date!

  2. I am DYING!!! These are some of the BEST pictures ever! the first picture is just too precious for words - love it! And the ones with Evie with her mouth open are adorable - she looks like she is having the time of her life! :)

  3. What kind of monitor did you buy? I have a friend for whom I should buy one! IT sounds like you had a great weekend!

  4. Jennifer, your pictures are seriously fabulous!! What kind of lens are you using? Happy Monday =)

  5. Precious, precious picture of Evie with the bubbles. Love those curls!

  6. I love my floor steamer!!! Next best 'clean' to hands and knees scrubbing!


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