Thursday, February 3, 2011

My BIG Shopping Trip

Evie had MMO today which gave me time to head to Costco for my essentials. I found some great stuff but it's not quite as pleasant to shop at Costco as Harris Teeter or Fresh Market. However, it sure is cheaper. I bought all our meat for the month, lots of paper products, some beverages and cleaning supplies. They had some super cute Hanna Andersson pajama's too so of course I picked out some for Evie. Costco shopping is a major production since everything is so large. I felt like I had a little mini-workout hoisting all the products off the shelf, into the cart and then finding room for it all in my car. It took me awhile to get it all put away. My biggest mistake was not buying freezer bags. Oops, I need to get some tomorrow so I can store all the food in my freezer. Evie had a ball climbing the mountain of toilet paper and paper towels.


  1. i have never been to costco, but my father in law swears by it. as much as i love fresh market, i think i would totally get carried away in costco. i am in love with things in bulk - ha! ;0)

  2. Hannas are quite a find at Costco! Please continue to post all your tips and tricks for trimming the grocery budget. Have you tried the Target brand diapers? I try to stock up on those when I can since our nearest Target is 40 minutes away.

  3. I love Costco! We have Sam's here and I miss Costco! By the way, tell Carl that if he wants a great lunch or dinner, Pane Rustica is my favorite. EVERYTHING is delicious. A cheaper dinner would be one of their flatbreads but their seafood, steaks, entrees are all wonderful. I eat their slice of pizza for $4.92 for lunch whenever I can! Bern's is also a once in a lifetime place to eat if he is taken to dinner! YUM! And what a crazy experience!


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