Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rainy Day

Evie woke up back to her chipper self. We made a quick dash to Publix this morning to stock our pantry since it was practically bare. Evie loves the grocery store as much as I do but mostly because of the cookies with sprinkles and the car cart. She even made a new friend in the produce section.

We went to a playdate at Sara and Joshua's house. Sara served a delicious breakfast and Evie had a blast playing with all the fun toys. She was the BIG girl this morning and the "Mother Hen" in her came out around all the babies. It was a fun morning!

Rain is the word of the day. It has literally been raining since 11:00 this morning. I love rainy days when I can stay home to enjoy them. Evie napped really well with the pitter patter of the rain and I did too.

We stayed busy at home all afternoon making brownies, folding mountains of clothes, and enjoying our art time. Evie loves to click her markers closed and is so proud of herself when she hears the click.

Evie was happy to see Daddy. She talks about him all day long. I just finished steaming my floors. They are the cleanest they have been in months but that will surely change at breakfast time.

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  1. Shark steam mop?! I love mine. :)

    Molly loves the cookies at the Teeter...when we drive by a HT, she'll start pointing and saying, "Cookie?"


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