Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow . . . again!

Evie is on a roll with waking up late! I am loving these 8:00 wake up calls especially with her sweet little voice calling for mommy. We barely had time for breakfast and getting dressed before heading out to a moms group.

  Evie's school has a fabulous moms group that is very similar to MOPS. I finally got there this morning had such a good time. Evie was excited to see her same teacher and be in the same class as she is on Thursdays. She went right in the classroom without shedding a tear. I headed down to the group and was served a fantastic breakfast of homemade quiche and the best coffee cake that I have ever had in my life. I am NOT kidding. It was amazing so I asked for the recipe. Can't wait to see it. Anyway, in case you have not noticed the way to my heart is through food. We had a wonderful speaker and I met some really nice girls. I knew several people there from some of my other activities in the area but it was good to meet some new ones. I strongly believe that all moms need several good friends that are in the same place in life to discuss, ponder and bounce ideas off each other. I am so fortunate to have lots of "mom friends"  to share the joys and challenges of motherhood with which makes even the hard days seem more normal. Not to mention a fantastic husband that loves to talk about his beautiful daughter too!

     School was closed early due to the impending snowstorm so we just headed home after Moms Together. Evie impressed me with the motions to "Jesus Loves Me." I heard her singing it last week when she woke up from her nap but thought I was imagining it. Well, it's pretty hard to imagine your toddler singing and making the motions with a BIG smile on her face. Evie was so proud and we have been singing all afternoon. I think it's time to learn a new song and she loves "This Little Light of Mine" probably because the word "NO" is used a lot!

  We had a nice lazy afternoon reading books, drinking hot chocolate while watching the snow fall and playing in her tent. It was warm and cozy to be in our house with my sweet little Evie. We made pancakes for dinner and took a bubble bath together. Evie was very impressed with the bubbles since she usually showers with Carl. She even pointed out that "baby" was taking a bath too. Smart girl! He certainly does everything we do and it looks like she may be starting to notice.

   I love this age with her! She laughs constantly and makes me laugh too. We laugh about the silliest things but they are funny to her so we just laugh. Everything is so amazing to her and she finds joy in the simplest things. She took every single dish towel out of the drawer today and layed her babies down for a nap. Of course, they needed covers too so we were all set for nap time. She brushes her teeth each and every time that I go the bathroom which is a lot these days. It's so cute to see her on the stool asking for "paste."  I am pretty sure that she is developing some pretty good oral hygiene habits. Evie does not like to be dirty or wet so when her toothbrushing turned into water play - it was a bit of problem. We had to clean up the water and get dry clothes on immediately. Then, she was fine again! Evie loves our iPad and has figured out how to scroll with her finger and make the pictures larger. She thinks it's so cool to see pictures of people that she knows on the screen.

   Snow is still falling and school has been canceled for tomorrow! Hope we can keep busy inside for yet another snow day.


  1. I love seeing your sweet days at home with Evie. The only bad part of having triplets is that I was never home with just one baby. You are in a sweet sweet stage of life until it becomes even sweeter when baby boy arrives!

  2. Evie is too cute in her hot pink dress-up shoes and her little apron! We woke up to snow this morning but not enough to keep us at home. Enjoy your time at home with sweet Evie!

  3. Oh, I love that you're getting snow. I wish we would get some!! :) We were supposed to get some last night and I eagerly woke up and looked out the window this morning, much to my dismay.

    Yes - all moms need mom friends, who have children of similar ages. I don't know what I'd do without my group of mommy friends. :)


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