Friday, February 25, 2011

Time Marches On

It really is true - the older you get the faster time goes by. Evie is literally changing before our eyes. Today, I looked at her and it was as if she grew into a Big Girl over night! That made me decide to jot down a few things about Evie so I can still remember her just the way she is now when she is a surly teenager.

Manners: Evie has excellent manners. We taught her to say please and thank you but she has really run with it and uses her special words all the time. At Target today, she told the automatic door"thank you" for opening as we walked in and she always add the person or objects name after her thank you. She will say, "thank you door or thank you Daddy." It's so very sweet! She uses her manners with her baby dolls too and will say "thank you" to us if we forget.

NO: Evie is still loving the word "NO" and it does not come out quite as sweet as it used to when she was smaller. Ignoring her works well and so does being silly. Anything out of the ordinary turns her mood right around.

Covers: Evie has somehow decided that covers are really fabulous and asks me to cover her up all the time. She carries her blankets around the house in the morning and covers herself up while she watches her favorite show, Super Why.

PINK: Evie continues to be fascinated with the color pink and wants everything in that hue that is so special to her. She always chooses pink if it is available just like her Mommy.

Brother: Evie has mixed feelings on her brother. She is still in denial much of the time that she is actually going to be getting a real live baby at her house. Other times, she has cute things to say about him. Yesterday, he was really moving around and his head was on my left side. I showed Evie my tummy and pointed out the protruding spot while telling her that was her baby brother. She was very concerned that he might be stuck and kept saying, "baby stuck."

Projects: Evie thinks that projects are so much fun and will work on a project for a good 15 minutes. We went to Messy Art this morning at the bookstore and she spent nearly 20 minutes adjusting her yellow and blue circles just the way she wanted so that green would appear when the liquid starch wash. Evie loves writing and will make circles all day long. She is actually very good at making circles!

Talking: Evie continues to talk our ears off and really says some funny stuff. She was concerned yesterday about the man changing the light bulb on the street lamp using a cherry picker. She kept saying, "uh oh, boy sky." She loves to talk about her little friends across the street. We saw them the other day getting in their car and she told me - "Boys, they cute." Other days, she tells me they are busy or night -night if I ask her what they are doing. She still calls band aids "mermaids" and she says "againt" 100 times a day.

Prayer: Evie loves to pray and folds her little hands so sweetly while we all settle down at the table. She is ready to pray breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once is not usually enough for her so we do round 2. Evie points out crosses and makes her hands into a little bible. She says "AMEN" and can finish the prayer that I say with her on the nights that I put her to bed.

Numbers and Letters: She loves the letter E and the number 2. Everything is 2. Evie is able to identify a lot of letters and mommy needs to help her more with this since she is so interested.

Technology: Evie loves the iPad and can scroll quite well. She likes to look at pictures of her friends, watch videos of swimming and play games. We let her play with an old iPod and she calls it Evie's pad.

Holidays: Evie has not quite figured out that holidays come and go. She is still reading Thanksgiving books, singing about Ho Ho and using her Valentine stickers.

We just love Evie to pieces! She is such a joy and we cannot even remember what we did before she was here. We feel so blessed to have our Evie!


  1. What a precious post. And yes, just like our Mothers warned us, time flies by way too fast!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. this is so true - i was just having this conversation with a friend today about how i feel like one day i looked at libbi and she was literally a "big girl" when the day before she had not been!

    evie sounds like one smart little girl - what a gift to have such an inquisitive and creative mind! :)

    and, i have to admit, i am so jealous of her full head of hair - it's gorgeous!

  3. I love all the sweet facts about Evie. I ate a pink cupcake with pink frosting the other day and thought about her. Does she have the book Pinkalicious?


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