Thursday, February 10, 2011


Another cold, snowy day in Nashville has us dreaming of swingsets and sunny days in our backyard. I am so excited about doing a review for CSN Stores. Check out this fabulous website to see some of the cool things that are offered. You are sure to find something that appeals to you or maybe even your Valentine!

Evie is requiring everything in pink these days. I have brought this upon myself since her wardrobe is  90% pink and I often choose pink when buying new things.  However, I had no clue that HER fascination with pink would begin so early in life. At least, we are working on learning her colors. She names several colors but mostly notices if it is NOT pink.

I started an online course to renew my teaching license for 5 years. It's the last step to keep my North Carolina license current.  I think it will be pretty simple but I have forgotten most every thing that I ever knew about teaching. Hope it comes back because I will need it for the next month. It seems that I can only think of my very favorite student. She's has blond curly hair, LOVES pink and teaches me new things every day.  Any guesses on who  my favorite stuent might be?

The highlight of our day was when Carl came home from his business trip. He has been in warm sunny Tampa which actually had a tiny cold snap while he was there. We sure missed him and Evie has hardly let go of him since he walked in the door. They have read books, camped out in the tent and played ball! We are so glad he is home with us!


  1. hahaha.....for a second i thought this post was going to be about evie having a baby sister instead of a baby brother! your title totally tricked me! :) btw, i love CSN - i've ordered lots from there and am always very pleased!

  2. I am taking an online course for renewal as well. It seems I have forgotten what it's like to be student!

  3. I know you are glad Carl is home ! I can't help but wonder if I crossed paths with him ! Did he eat at Pane Rustica or anywhere fun?

  4. Funny.... When I first opened up your page I saw PINK and thought quickly that you fou dout the actual sex of the baby and it was a girl. Hehehe. He's still a boy right?

  5. Ugh, I should probably look into keeping my license current. Shoot me an email with the details? Pretty please? :)


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