Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow is Falling All Around

Evie slept late again. That gets the day off to such a great start. Evie was really happy this morning and talking up a storm. I asked Evie if she wanted to go to a play place and she said,"no, park." The park was not really an option since it was cold and rainy.

I should have listened to Evie because she was not overly excited about the play place. We had fun for a little bit but then she was "scared" of the large monkey's and tunnels. She did perk up for a few minutes when her friend got there but she was over it by that point. Our days of jumpy places are probably over until the fall.

We went to the toy store to get two birthday presents for Evie's friends. I really need to start a gift closet to keep us supplied for all of the birthday parties that Evie attends.

We passed the cows and Evie announced, "cows, they are cute." I just love her little expressions. She takes little pieces of things that we say and works them into her vocabulary. Evie fell asleep for a minute or two in the car. The rain must have made her sleepy because she napped for a long time after lunch.

It started snowing while she slept. Evie loves snowflakes and was so content to sit in the office on the couch gazing out the window with me. I was pretty content too holding my sweet baby girl. We had a nice afternoon reading books and playing with dolls. Two is a terrific age. She is full of wonder and excitement which makes me so happy.


  1. I agree that 2 is so much fun. You just never know what will come out of their little mouths, and it's a blast! :)

  2. I loved 2 also with all my girls. Some say, "Terrible two's" etc. but I determined to love every stage and just makes them not terrible! Evie's a doll. By the way, I buy toys on clearance at Target, bring them back in my luggage, and have a toy bag for the kids to choose a gift for a party. No more running out last minute!

  3. You guys are doing all of the same things we are doing trying to entertain the kiddos and trying to stay warm! We actually went to the Bounce place today and Cilla was not crazy about it either! Evie is getting so big and more beautiful all the time! Isn't it so fun to watch them grow and learn (and say) new things!?!?


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