Friday, February 4, 2011

Music Class

Evie and I met our friends at a music class at a local church this morning. We really liked it and it is a drop-in style so there is no commitment. It's a $7 fee per family so it is an especially good deal for families with multiple children. Evie loved it and danced off tons of energy. Kristin invited us over for lunch. She gave me lots of her maternity clothes! So sweet and I am so excited to have some new clothes. Evie had a blast playing with Kristin's shoes. She is such a girly-girl. Evie and Jacob played with cars and trains. Our toy selection is going to need some major revamping with the arrival of Baby Boy.

Evie was exhausted so we headed home for nap time. She slept for about 3.5 hours. Too bad that I hardly accomplished anything. There's always tomorrow. I just enjoyed relaxing and working on my coupons.

Carl got home and I ran to Publix. It's supposed to snow again so we needed a few things. Evie is not eating much these days so that's pretty easy. She eats a few Cheerios or a little bit of a cereal bar, a little fruit for lunch with a side of cheese and picks at dinner. I refuse to become a short order cook so I provide her with a healthy dinner and she decides if she is going to eat it. Most of the time, she chooses not to eat it. Kelly's Korner has lots of fabulous toddler tips today which I have been checking out. My favorite idea is the muffin tin meal. Choose several healthy food items and out them in a muffin tin for your toddler to graze on throughout the day or at mealtimes.

Carl prepared the pizza while I was gone. He said there was more pepperoni than pizza. Costco has lots of fabulous things but we are not fans of the ginormous pizza. Our favorite pizza place closed down so we need to venture out to find some new pizza.

Hope you had a fantastic Friday.

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