Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a fantastic weekend full of nothing! It was our most relaxing weekend in months and was just what we needed. Evie woke us up bright and early on Saturday morning. Carl brought her in our bed and she played "night night" and kept us entertained for a few minutes before breakfast.

  Evie and her Daddy went for a snowy jog. Not my idea of fun but they seemed to enjoy it. We tried Muffin Tin Meals with Evie for lunch. I was a bit skeptical and felt for sure that she'd just fling the whole thing on the floor. Carl and I were shocked when she ate more than she had in months. The idea is simple - take the same food you'd give your toddler but place it in a muffin tin. Try to make it look more appealing and give appropriate portion sizes. Some mommies are super creative with this and must have a lot more time on their hands than I do. Check out this:

Here's a picture of one of the ones that I made for Evie this weekend.

It might be beginner's luck but it's working so far. We are just so glad that she is eating since she has been existing on basically nothing for several weeks. I know that she will eat when she is hungry. She has always been a big eater so it was a drastic change for Evie to suddenly eat nothing. Maybe it helps to have your dolls eat with you.

Evie took a nap and we hung out around the house. Our neighbors came over for dinner and we had such a good time. Carl likes Christian even more now that he found out that they both share a fondness for the same barbecue restaurant in North Carolina. Imagine our surprise when Christian was telling us right where it was and we knew that it was Keaton's barbecue! Courtney made the most delicious lemon cupcakes for dessert and they were so pretty too. Evie had so much fun playing with her boys. They really liked her new tent. It was the perfect way to spend our Saturday night with our neighbors!

  Evie slept late this morning and we took a long walk to the park. It was a gorgeous day! Evie had a blast exploring the playground with Carl. It sure is different taking her now than it was in the fall. She has words for everything and is so much fun.

  Evie napped and Carl had Evie duty while I went to the mall. Of course, she slept the entire time that I was gone. Playtime at the park wore her out.

   She woke up in the best mood so we headed outside again. Carl grilled some wings for dinner. We had a little picnic in the den while watching the Super Bowl.

Evie thought it was so cool to eat in the den and loved having so many dips. Not to mention toothpicks. She loves to eat things with a toothpick. It was my best Super Bowl ever! I had so much fun watching Evie run around doing her touchdown, dancing to the halftime show and eating her dessert. We made ice-cream sundaes for dessert. Evie's favorite part were the M&M's. She takes after me because I love M&M's too.


  1. I liked Muffin Tin Meals on Facebook and plan on trying it soon. Those decorative tins are expensive! Our biggest challenge is dinner but the pediatrician agreed with me that Avery should be served what we are having, within reason. I was glad because I don't plan on running a buffet. Love Evie's pink coat.

  2. We might have to try the muffin tins too. Aubrey eats like a bird these days, and I just worry that she isn't eating anything healthy. I guess that's just normal for this age.

  3. Ooh, muffin tin meals might be the trick over here...MJ doesn't eat anything! I know it's typical of toddlers, but c'mon. Do Ritz crackers and cereal bars truly constitute any nutritional value?!


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